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RC to Fight Fires


Crazy flyer/crasher :D
I have always been thinking about stuff like this.

We mostly use RC just as a hobby but we all know that the functions of it could be quite useful.

I thought of replacing RC stuff, (not necessarily planes) to do stuff people can´t do or in that case robots can do much better.

You know those Drones from the US they use in regions like Afghanistan etc?

Probably not using RC for war but rather for stuff like you posted up there.
Gives inspiration to further ideas!!
I would like to know there experience with a BIG forest fire that creates up drafts so strong the smoke can be seen for hundreds of miles. Be a good way to put a wing that size in near orbit. Think it would be very hard to control in those conditions.

Like there ideal, anything to help the fire fighters and save lives. Be lot easier to loose such a craft then risk a retardant drop plane and crew.


Rotor Riot!
Though the Zephyrs (TBS FPV plane) could easily be used for keeping an oversight from a distance. Anything that needs live imagery, such as constructions, could use a hobby plane.


Flying Derp
Here are the guys that provided the "UAV" for the firefighting experiment.


They seem kind of pompous to me just from looking at their website. Although I do like the "ground control" software that lets you click on a Google Maps type program in real time and have the UAV fly there.