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RC Transmitter


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I am new to rc and was wondering what transmitter would be good for flying a hexacopter. I want to use APM 2.5 with mode changing and I was wondering how many channels I needed. I also just want a good quality transmitter and receiver that I can use for things other than quadcopters and hexacopters.


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Personally I fly with a spektrum DX8 because it was available at the time but if I could do it all again I would get a turnigy x9r. The price can not be beat and there are so many rf combinations that you can run with it. You should take a look at that tx in my opinion.


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Turnigy 9XR (about $100 after shipping) is good but I am waiting on the FrSky Tarannis (about $200 with features not seen in any but $1000 systems).



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Turnigy 9XR (about $100 after shipping) is good but I am waiting on the FrSky Tarannis (about $200 with features not seen in any but $1000 systems).

I'll second the Taranis, but there is a waiting list for that one. It's worth the wait for a second (or third) radio, but tif you need something right now, get the 9X. It uses very close to the same Firmware so when you learn programming on it, you'll be ahead on the Taranis.


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+1 Get a 9X for now. It will do everything that a beginner needs to do, on pretty much any model.

If you find that it's holding you back later, you've only invested a small amount of money. Then you can decide whether to upgrade your 9X for extra features, or change to a different radio altogether.

You could also consider the 9XR - it's more expensive to get started with, but has a few extra features and it's easier to upgrade later.
The Taranis is a fun radio, though I gotta tell ya after setting up my airplanes and going to the field I spent the first hour cross legged getting the engine to run correctly and getting the dual rates and expo set. click click clickity click click.

But by the time I was going through the setup of my third plane it was no big deal. First thing I did when I got home was ran upstairs, plugged it into my computer and read the Eeproms to save the planes. The back of the transmitter is exactly like my JR 8103 and the front is similarly modeled. It feels a little lighter. I didn't have a single other problem with it


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I've been poking around for a while now thinking of upgrading my radio (I've currently got an old DX5e) and I really like the Taranis over the Turnigy.

After reading a bunch of reviews and people's impressions I'm kinda sold on it but I'm curious what the members here think of it as an upgrade radio, good or no good?


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My Taranis should be arriving this weekend. I hope. I also have a Turnigy 9x which I like very much. The 9xr isn't as aesthetically pleasing as the 9x but it does come with the backlight and programming port already installed. It also comes with both JR and Futaba trainer ports. The Taranis is the way to go, but everyone wants one and they are like hens teeth to find. I got lucky when I ordered mine.

I'd say the thing to do is get the 9x and do all the mods, or get the 9xr (mods already done) and then flash it with the OpenTX firmware. That way if or when you can lay your hands on the Taranis, you'll already know how to program it.