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RC workbench.


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In a few weeks I will be moving into my new home. It has an extra garage bay, and one of the bedrooms has received spousal approval to become a hobby room! I am hard at work designing, and I would love to hear about what other people have done, and things they might do differently.
I would like to have stations for soldering, hot glue, and ironing. As well as a large, level area for general construction.

I would love to see how other hobbyist:
*Store aircraft
*Arrange tools
*Organize storage

Look forward to the photos Speedbump. I think there maybe something similar in my not to distant future. Will be interesting to see how you tackle it.

Ak Flyer

Fly the wings off
Get some racks built to hang your planes if you have small ones, or a simple place to hang them on the ceiling. I like shelves, one spot can fit a large fuselage and another can store several wings or have smaller spaced shelves or racks to place wings. I like cheap pvc plastic tube. It's easy to make racks and dirt cheap. You can also make a nice field stand out of it.
I've got metal shelves that I've scavanged from work. Bout 30 years and a lifetime ago I used to do N-Trak model railroading. This left me with a couple flat 2x4 modules with folding legs I forget how tall they are but it's comfortable to work on, I want to say 40 inches with leveling feet. Over the years I've added on screwing the 2x4 modules together till I have a 4x8 table that sits one 4 foot section against the wall. This gives me a big area to work on a plane and get at most of the sides. If I were to build a seperate table, it would be 3x8 as the 4 foot is just a skosh to far to reach and ends up with a pile of stuff on it. Of course, now it has a pile of stuff on it now anyways. A mound of plane parts, part planes, engines, motors, props, batteries and electrical projects along with what ever else the wife has thrown on my table. The tops were as flat a piece of 3/4 inch plywood as I could find. You want it to be dimenionally stable so buy good wood. Competition CL flyers will top that off with half inch thick glass and shim it till it's positively flat though you'll want a bit more bracing. Ask an astronomer how much glass can settle.
Anyways, I need to go through and clean out a bunch of stuff. I highly doubt I'm going to start working on that Ringmaster I started building in 2005.


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Thanks for the replies,
We are in, but with the holidays and work I haven't had a chance to start. Maybe in the new year I'll have some photos.
Happy holidays!