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I have been trying for a couple weeks, but I can not access David's site. Is anyone else having the same issue? Isn't it still rcexplorer.se? I'd like to order his tricopter kit but can't access. Any help would be appreciated. (I've tried on several computers and different browsers). Thanks in advance.


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Thanks guys.

woks great for me :) sorry you are having so much trouble

Well, it's narrowed down to the service provider where I live. I just tried in my office to access his site (had been trying from home previously) and can't access it here either. On Internet explorer OR Firefox. However, I turned wifi off on my Android phone to connect to 4g and tried from that, and can get through. I was getting an error 522 from Cloudflare. Bummer, guess i'll be doing all my browsing and ordering from my phone!
So, if anyone else is having the same issue, I don't know the fix for the computer, but I know you can access from your phone on your cell network. Thanks again for all you guys checking for me.


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Got the same issue as jaskoller since yesterday. Doesn't seem to work from 4G on the phone either. I've been on the site before without any troubles.


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Works fine for me. It might be a DNS issue. Try checking your DNS settings, and setting the DNS to You'll be selling your soul to Google, but at least the site might work :) The site is behind CloudFlare, and they have been attracting some pretty massive DDNS attacks recently, so who knows, some of their relay servers might be getting knocked off line.

- Bogdan