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Ready to Maden


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Only 1 suggestion - put some different colored tape or something on the top vs. the bottom. It'll make it easier to tell which is the top and which is the bottom when you start flying it. :) White gets difficult to see if you get a cloud in the sky behind the plane.


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Nice plane!
Just remember to launch it horizontal and directly into whatever wind there is even if you can hardly feel it.
If it is correctly set up and the balance point is right it will use its spare thrust to gain speed and then start to climb away all by itself.
Launch it pointing up at all and it is likely to start to dive in order to gain speed which you will try to correct in a panic making the situation worse with an inevitable result.
Do let us know how you get on.


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Given that I have it in 3 channel, I truly hope to not end up upside down at least for the first flight.

I do want to color it, but need to find someone that doesn't add [much] weight


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Would it be a good idea to put expo on the throttle (have 30% on everything else) so the middle range is less sensitive?

Also have dual rates set up on everything per the plan suggestions.


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Never heard of expo on throttle, some transmitter don’t even have that function for fixed wings. The right term is throttle curve. Throttle curve is very important for gas/nitro engine since the output is not linear. Electric motor ( with the right prop and ESC) produces power instantly and linear probably over 80% of the throttle range. However, there are so many outside factors affecting the flight, so I guess the last thing you will be worrying about during your maiden is the throttle response at mid-range.
My suggestion are, hold the planes about 15 degree up, advance throttle until you feel the plane is trying to fly off you hand, and then give it a big toss. Once it is in the air, trim the plane to fly level between 50% to 70% throttle, and then try to find the minimum throttle that would maintain the altitude in all directions (fly into or with the wind) for example at 30%, then you keep your throttle 10% higher than that and forget about it until the time for landing.
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Forgot one thing, I would suggest you to connect rudder servo to the aileron channel on you RX, so the left stick on your Tx control throttle only, less chance you would accidentally bump your throttle. Also, when you move up to 4-channel, aileron and elevator (right stick) are how you turn your plane for the majority of the time.


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r/right/left I really know my left from right... really I do... (mode 2, only have the throttle on the left)
Also haven't got it up yet... yesterday morning with the air was still, the ground was drenched with dew making it not a good idea.. been 10-15mph winds basically all day every day since.