Real flight Mobile Simulator - Any thoughts?


Tales of a Rookie
On a recent FliteTest after hours podcast they mentioned that there was a new Real Flight simulator for mobile devices. I have played around with it a bit and as mobile simulators go it is pretty good; especially since the base version is free but with in app purchases. You start off with a classic trainer style plane and a stearman biplane, everything else has to be purchased. There is also only one flying site for free, the rest have to be purchased. On realistic mode the physics feel fairly good, however on intermediate and easy modes it feels much like a game. Steer clears of anything other than realistic mode if you fly RC in real life.

My only real problems with it are that, the planes seem to be kind of out if trim in some places. You cannot program in any expos or other more basic functions, I know little about programming for apps so I don't know how hard that would be. And finally that the crash physics are really not that spectacular.

But ultimately as a mobile thing that can be used for a quick bash around the sky, it does the job fairly nicely!

Anyone else have any thoughts?