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Recent section 336 proposed repeals in the works.


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I was just being sarcastic. I know better then send something like that first contact.

As far as politicians go.. They may all start out with good intentions and become a politician but they don't stay a politician because they are honest people. Far as I am concerned they should all be voluntary positions for a single two year term where living expenses are covered and lobbying is abolished. No special interest groups and no form of profiting allowed while in the position so they can focus on the matters at that need attending. Anyone caught doing favors for businesses or corporations gets charged with treason. Financial audits for a minimum of 10 years after they leave office to make sure no payments get made after the fact for passing law to aid a company should be a decent time frame as far as I am concerned.

It wont matter much anyways as the government is coming up on that 300 year old mark where all other governments have failed or got removed as that is about the limits for total corruption to come and the people they govern revolt for change due to over regulation and taxation.
I like the concise version if you dropped the overt threat. I will write to my guys, and beseech them to champion the cause of freedom and liberty, and stand as a bastion of hope against the darkness and tyranny of oppressive legislation. And if they can stand with me in defense of aeronautical liberty and happiness, I will support their pursuit of another term.

I'm ready to go dump a case of Lipton Instant Tea into the Salt River.
So what happens if section 336 gets repeal. what does the FAA want and i have been reading the post and have not seen any comment from the FT crew. If this thing goes through what will happen to Flite fest 2018?. I know that they have alot in their hands right now. but if they can make a video about a plane, i think they could make one about this mess and organize some thing. remember people we have the power to vote make sure your representative knows this in your letter,email. So many question ?
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Interesting how ideas about eliminating government corruption is immediately interpreted as an attack on the current administration.

It's not. Corruption is rampant across all major political parties and levels, has been since the 1800's in the US.


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psyborg i kno u was in the army so yru sounding like a communist now wit all that talk about the people overtrowing president trump and all that? if it wernt for all the companies and bisnesses that make us great again then were just like the commies.
Wow. Just wow. That's a huge leap. I didn't get any of that from Psyborg.

I personally agree there are too many crooks running our government right now. That's been that way since it started, and will continue as long as government exists. What we need to do is let them know we oppose it, and use our vote to put those whom are lesser evils in place. This is true whether we're talking about RC hobbies, trade, environment, etc. With health care the way it is, immigration issues, environmental atrocities, and the never ending list of other major concerns I can't believe they're even wasting time on this.


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wel the crooks are the deep state people but hes firing them faster then anyone else so i guess if dats wot u mean then good. like cooked hilary and comey and all they all need to go to jail
Ok, spin back around to section 336 so we don't get off on a Trump rant. Have you written to your Congressman detailing your stance? Have you told them to keep Section 336 on the books? That's the issue at hand affecting us. If it's repealed, you'll have to take yet another test, pay for another license (on top of the registration for your planes/helicopters/other aircraft), and most likely have to carry the same insurance as what you would have to carry as a part 109 pilot for commercial purposes (and let me tell you, that is EXPENSIVE - I looked into it a while back). Oh, and trying to fly at a club field? It's going to be difficult to do so.

So, write your Congressman and tell them your stance on Section 336.