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Recommendation for first flying FT foamie


I've built with my daughter two Chuck Gliders and an EZ Glider. So I've got the basics of building down. I've got a Hobby Zone Aeroscout I'm learning to fly with, using the stability mode of the SAFE receiver.

Which DIY plan(s) would you recommend I start with? I belong to a club so have a field to fly in, but I'm hoping to get good enough to fly in a smaller, but closer, soccer field that's currently unused.



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The tiny trainer would be a great choice, the cub, & explorer would also work.
Agree with any of those, the tiny trainer has swappable noses (powered and chuck glider) along with a 3 channel fixed wing and 4 channel “sport” wing so it is very versatile.


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explorer is big and not that friendly. i would go simple scout or a basic delta wing design. the cub is great but a tail dragger which takes a little more skill. the mini-scout is an awesome, quick, easy, cheap, platform that i have taught countless kids to fly with. the tiny trainer is great but i would immediatly go to the 4-channel, the 3-channel if not built perfect can have control issues.

also a big fan of the UMX Radian, you will need a Spektrum Tx but you're gonna at some point if you are going to enter the hobby you will need one anyways.

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I just watched the videos for the Explorer, I like it since it is also a pusher like my Aeroscout.
That plane came with a Spektrum DXe6. I am thinking of putting a compatible Lemon receiver with stability control in what ever I build.

Why don’t you like the explorer mrjdstewart? I appreciate the size since it is easier to see and orient. It also takes the same battery as the Aeroscout.