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Recommendations for EDF and ESC for X29

Is anyone flying the X-29 with an EDF? Do you have any recommendations for the EDF and ESC?

I know they mention a 70mm EDF, but I have no idea what RPM, cell count, or Amp ESC.

Any help would be appreciated!


Definitely don't need to go 6S. For a 4S setup I'd recommend the MotionRC 70mm 12-blade unit: https://www.motionrc.com/collection...mm-12-blade-edf-4s-power-system-w-2849-2850kv

You can also go with the 6-blade version: https://www.motionrc.com/collection...-70mm-edf-4s-power-system-w-2839-3000kv-motor

I used to recommend the FMS 70mm 12-blade unit from Banggood, but they've since raised the price to $45 (plus shipping), and the MRC fan is basically identical in dimensions and performance (I've flown both). For that reason I can't in good conscience point to the FMS fan anymore, even though I still have eight of them in my house in various projects.
Thank you both! I dont know much about EDFs. Are there any advantages to more or less blades? I assume more blades = less torque since the 2 blade pusher version of the x29 has issues with torque roll?

I've been flying 30 years but never flown and edf. I'm hoping for the more powerful, but less torque roll option if there is such a thing. :)

Thanks again!


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The difference between the number of blades is a hard thing to gauge because they are all different.

That said, typically the more blades you have the higher your static thrust will be at any given RPM compared to a fan with less blades. Your wattage is also usually higher. The lower the number of blades the more efficient the EDF is, but has less thrust at the same RPM.

This usually means the lower blade count fans have a higher kv motor to offset the difference in watts which in turn usually means a higher efflux speed.

There is also the pitch speed and size of the impellers too which is rarely stated by any mfg.

As a general rule, just think the more blades = more thrust and less blades = more speed at the same wattage.

Oh, and more blades sound much better.


Nam covered it pretty well, but I'll throw this in for good measure too...

There is another term that deals with blade count and blade areas; “SOLIDITY”.

I don’t know a formula off-hand, but basically:
More Blades = Higher Solidity
Higher Solidity = Higher Power Draw

Said another way (generally):

More Blades = Higher Static Thrust, Lower Exhaust Velocity

Less Blades = Lower Static Thrust, Higher Exhaust Velocity

EDIT: BTW, I'd highly suggest you spring for an 80A ESC.