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relay to reverse a motor?

Was not sure where to post this question so I guess right here. If I am the wrong spot please feel free to move it but,

Ok here is a question for all you electronic geniuses out there. I recently took my HZ Super Cub out on the water and one time it floated into the weeds and I had to out into the water to retrieve it. Was it a big deal? No but I was wondering if it were possible to put a relay or something similar in line between ESC and the motor to a switch that would allow the motor to go in reverse to push the Cub out of the weeds? Just curious if any one has done it or am I as loony tunes as the next guy and should stop drinking so much coffee. :cool: Eager to read any and all responses


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I think that there are boat controllers with reverse ;-)
-- As you are "boating" and not flying in the weeds.

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I'm certain you could do that.
When I still worked on Model Railroads, I used relays quite often for various functions, and they are very versatile.


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It would probably be as easy to put in a variable pitched prop, and manage that in your throttle mixes, or through a switch.

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A reversable esc would do it, a variable pitch prop would do it, a pair of relays could do it but you need another channel to make it work so it won't be cheap.


Here's your solution, Bonez: Get a labrador retriever puppy and train it to retrieve your SC. Name the pup, SWD - Swimming with Disaster. :D


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I agree with pgerts, a boat or "waterproof" car ESC will do well. I use a fishing rod for my seaplane, although I've had better success with full scale boats or stripping down to get it myself.
I'd go for the variable pitch prop myself. Just my opinion here--it would probably be more efficient than reversing a fixed prop. Fixed props tend to make more noise than thrust when reversed.

As for the relay, I gave it a try. I found that (with the various HobbyKing/Turnigy ESCs I have), the motor stops working when I reversed it. I had to dis/re connect the battery to get it to work again.

Now that I think about it, a variable pitch prop is a good idea for my upcoming swappable Dehavilland DHC-2 Beaver. Thanks for the idea FlyingMonkey.

Much love for the green machine. That is just great and probably the best way to do it I have seem yet LOL.

Teach I did try to get my dog to jump out and go get it but she looked at me like I was some crazed lunatic who got their plane stuck in the weeds LOL

After some research it can be done using an ESC from a car and or micro switch between ESC and motor and a servo but seemed like an expensive experiment that may cause motors to burn up etc so I think I will just hold off and maybe look into buying that green machine