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Release Time


since last week I have watched most of the FliteTest Videos and started waiting for the new episodes. But because I don't know at which time the episodes are released I am looking for the episodes many times on Mondays. Can you tell us at which time the videos are released or do they change every week?
waiting for the gunship in a hyped up excited way


Crazy flyer/crasher :D
Really that late? -.-` I remember it one day coming out at 5pm-ish in Germany!
Alright, then I know that I still have to wait for another 3 hours.

Thanks for the info!


Flying Derp
I'm in Central time in the USA which is GMT -6. I usually recall the videos showing up on YouTube mid-day. I've always watched them on Mondays BEFORE I leave my office at 5PM central standard time...Which is currently 1:00PM/13:00 local time.