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Replacement screws for Lumenier RX2206-11


Junior Member
I picked up the FT210 with the E-PACK 2206 LUMENIER 2350KV (BEST-1). Fun build, even without a build video. First day or so was mostly tuning and getting used to it. Once I got pretty comfortable I was doing flips and rolls in my yard, not FPV yet, still just getting used to it. Super fun, highly recommend this frame. Well, I got a bit too confident I guess, and did a loop right over my house into the driveway. Good news, wow, that a durable frame, no real damage. Bad news, all the mounting screws for one of my motors popped right off. It's odd, no visible damage, I think if I had more of the same screws, I could just mount it back up. I've looked around, and I can't find the specs for the screws, or a place that sells replacements. Does anyone have any idea what the mounting screw specs are for this motor and/or where I can buy them?


Junior Member
Ugh, I'm just an idiot...never mind. I was seeing all the specs, but missed the m3x5 part :( I feel stupid. I think I can figure out a place to get these.


Staff member
haha I had the same thing happen to my quad a few days ago and I just picked up a tad bit longer screws(still small enough to not short out the motor by touching the copper inside) but it worked perfectly. Because the FRAME is a little thicker then most... those longer screws work just a tad bit better! Once I get around to it I will replace all the screws probably with the littler bit longer screw just for assurance purposes!

Good luck and happy flying! So glad the FRAME held up...that was what is was designed to do ;)