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Republic RC-3 Seabee build


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A well known "orginal" guy locally had a couple of Republic RC-3 Seabee through the times. I wasnt old enough to remember both, but at least i did know one.
I had some time together with him, when renting garagespace a short while. He was an outcome of historys of flying, and happendings, from wartime as pilot, as commercial pilot and after at rescue , for police, or moviescenes eg. with helicopter. He did, when rescuehelicopter/movie, or others didnt dare. He handled his helicopters better than most of us will learn use our car in a life time. Sad enough, heart trouble ended his "era".

As a tribute, and for the fun of it , i plan make a replica rc by foamboard of one of his Seabees, painted as his was. Its a seaplane looking quite "donkey" , gonna make it also with retractable landinggear. 980mm wingspan, and a fuselage approx 680mm is scale.
A german airplan model producer had a Seabee rc model in its sortiment years ago, but long time since ended .
Well by using different technices in build ishould get it done anyway. :)



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I see one once in a while flying over the lake at my parents. Cool plane, looking forward to seeing your progress
I found out, its have got to be an "heritage model" in sea aviaton around the world. Fun to see even Seabee it self gives a lot of information on the plane, even detailed part lists with drawings eg.

"sad enough" its gonna be a scratch build totally, thats said, parts are individually custom fit, and no plans used to share. I have drawings/pictures from top, under, side and front as resources.

The Hangar

Fly harder!
It looks great, but it seems to be missing an important part... You might want to add it before the maiden - not that it will affect how it flies, but just for scale detail.:unsure::ROFLMAO:


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The landinggear on the Seabee swings backwards up, and is just shown as thinner legs. .. than fatter retracts wouldnt fit, but since are a multi sea/land plane, it should have retracts .
"Some" thinking and experimenting to find a solution, where could use a servoless electric retract. I had one 45g who is ment to be used at rc planes at approx 3 + kg, perfect to this lighter plane.

Here was the solution :
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its soon ready buildt, and a maiden. (when reciver comes in mail.) Retracts and all ailerons, rudder, elevator, motor is in full function. Just to setup the pushrod for between rudder and stering wheel/water-rudder. (and find a prop that fits. :) )

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