Request for advice on first FT DIT kit purchase


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Hi All,

I have been watching the FT videos for a while now, and I am about to buy my first DIY kit. My plan is to start simple, with a Cub kit that I can build with my son ( I know my goal is to build and fly the P-38 eventually. My question is mostly about the radio(s). The radio that comes with the getting started kit seems to be a good one, but my son is 7, and I was thinking to get 2 transmitters, one for me, and one for him to train on. I have read that some of the remotes can function in a master/slave configuration, allow me to back him up while he flies. Can anyone give me a recommendation on the models that do this well?


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The Spektrum DX6e is a very good beginner TX. If you get two of them you can do wireless buddy boxing. Many like the FlySky FS-i6 but I'm not sure of the buddy box capabilities of it.


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Flysky buddy box works fine, plus it has a screen unlike the DXE.
The Cub is not the easiest FT plane to fly, there are several that are easier. If you search there’s lots of great discussions about first kits. Buying a speedbuild kit and power pack is a good way to get everything you need simply and from one supplier.