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Research/world records.

Hey all,I am in the process of building a remarkable plane.I have several Ideas that may be patent worthy.My stepdaughter mother in law works for a lawyer so we will see.Anyway,I cannot get sponsorship anywhere,and am looking at at lease 3000 before we are ready to attempt to break the altitude,and endurance record.Pics of what O have done so far.anything you could donate,parts.foam,money anything.ty and God bless.


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if your in the US, your going to run into issues with FAA rules and model aircraft due to the LOS and 400ft altitude limitation.

Endurance is going to be related to the efficiently of your power system and drag at cruising speed. IIRC flying wings are some of the most efficient designs in that regard.

Given that airfoils have been researched 'to death', I doubt your going to find anything patent-able there and I can't imagine that any novel wing layout hasn't already been tried. Which basically leaves some, yet to be thought of, power system.

I am all for learning and coming up with new ideas, so have at that part of things. but do mind the airspace rules and understand that just about anything that could be tried has likely been tried.
Yes your not telling me something I haven't already thought of.This Idea is not a dead horse, there is plenty of thought to be put into this, and rewards reaped.Even if not patents are awarded, I arrived to these Ideas independantly, and I know , with out a doubt , that I can do it, and more.So If you haven't any more advice to give then I thank you for it.I pray that someone else could help please.
Nobody will sponsor unless you prove you can, or have already started this project. Let’s see some pics, some numbers, get people excited and talking instead of just asking for materials and funding. Just my initial thoughts 🤷‍♂️


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You can get into the air and start trying thing out inside of ~$200 [itemized list here]. So you should be able to do some sort of prototypes inside of $250-300. Perhaps not one that can win any records, but they would be something you could use to test various theories on (DTFB is _cheap_ - so iteration, at least at first, should only cost basically time).