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Flying Kiwi

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Are there any off the shelf plug and play systems that you could recommend ?
I dont need the flight controller or stabilizer as such , but I would like the plane to return if it loses signal .


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The Hobbyzone Carbon Cub S+ has GPS and has an auto-land button that will not only bring the plane back from wherever it is, but it will land it too, and it can do it better than many human pilots. Unfortunately, you can't buy that receiver and GPS for your own plane, but you do see used ones on EBay occasionally.

There's also a GPS receiver and transmitter that you can buy from Microzone that has a return to base function. They look very interesting because they're very cheap at $51 for everything:


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Hobbyking have a dedicated RTH unit on their website, it's about £50, but when I was researching this all for myself, I eventually plumbed for a Matek F405 as with everything considered, it was both cheaper and more customisable, there's nothing like the ability to pop the plane into loiter mode if someone wonders up and starts ranting at you for disturbing their dogs lol.