Reuse BL motor from Gee Bee R2


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The Gee Bee browned out... again. Another nose-in crash will be my last in dealing with this plane. Is it worth it to keep the motor for an independent project? Is it powerful enough for anything worth building like the swappable fuselage things from FliteTest?



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Why do you get brownouts? I cant see the 2-cell battery going down so that the radio loose control (below 3 volt). Is it not just the motor that is cut off? Lost the rx antenna perhaps?
The gears in the Gee Bee are small. I would not use them in planes that heavy but you can make a lot of fun foamies with the same weight (3.5 oz / 100g ) as the gee bee. But make sure the prop axel is not bent.

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That's a great little powerplant. Not swappable fuselage size but great for smaller planes. You could make a little prop in slot jet or something.