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Reverse polarity of battery

Hello I made a ft goblin and I had a issue where I connected the esc and battery with reverse polarity... Could I still use that esc or will it not work?


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One quick thing you could do is to make sure you don't directly short out a battery while it is in your hand is measure across the positive and negative contacts in the esc connector. If its 00 or rings when doing a continuity check DO NOT plug a battery in. If there is a resistance reading going up or down then you know its not directly shorted and at least the filter cap(s) are still ok and should be able to be live power checked.


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If the xt60 got hot then it was almost certainly passing more amps than the ESC could be expected to handle without damage.
Just because you can now connect correctly and nothing gets hot could simply mean the ESC has 'blown' and is dead. An ESC cannot be repaired.
You may be lucky but I have my doubts. The polarity of an ESC is sacrosanct, hence the red and black factory fitted battery wires and the use of polarised connectors that can only be connected one way.