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Review Suggestions: FrSky Taranis & OpenTX

I bought one of the new FrSky Taranis transmitters from the first batch a few weeks ago and I really like it. It is the first transmitter that I have ever owned. For $175 you get a backlit LCD, voice & sound output, telemetry, up to 32 channels of output (16 using the internal radio and 16 more using the external module slot), backward compatibility with most of the older FrSky receivers as well as support for their new X8R and Long Range receivers. It's got a bunch of switches, knobs and sliders in addition to the normal stick and trim controls that can be mapped to any channel output using the OpenTX firmware. In addition it comes with an aluminum case, NiMH battery and neck strap.

Combine that with the OpenTX firmware and it's just great. OpenTX gives you a very flexible mixing system that I do not find to be overly complicated, the same as the 9X which I have previously seen on your episodes. The accompanying Companion 9X PC/Linux/Mac software allows you to upgrade your transmitter firmware as well as upload/download models and settings from/to your transmitter. In addition you can create and edit model settings on your PC as well as on the transmitter. OpenTX is an open source project and the developers really seem to be on the ball, keeping up with bugs and extensions at an amazing speed.

I know that this is starting to sound like a commercial, but I think that this transmitter & software combo is going to change the RC market forever, bringing powerful features at an affordable price. Really there is too much to cover in one episode, maybe a 2 parter?


Amateur Extra Class K5TWM
You are correct EXCEPT the product has to become WIDELY available. I sat up watching the site for the first shipment and never saw them even offered then suddenly they were gone and no new stock has followed. :(

Agreed, only the first run has shipped and the next run is due out around the end of August or beginning of September. I just wanted to plant the idea since since it likely takes a while to go from suggestion to episode production, in addition to whatever time is required to obtain a test unit. It's also good for the show and the product to have an episode ready to post as soon as it becomes widely available.

Anyway, if I can help anyone who has been watching these and/or might have questions about it I will do my best to answer.


Pirate ParkFlyer
Agree!! I think this is the best value transmitter around and the best solution for any noob getting into the hobby and FPV experts as well...