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Review/test request.


Another Swede
First of all, thank you for an exceptional show, site, podcasts and most of all, informative enthusiasm. I have been following you on YouTube since very early and still look forward to every episode.

What I would love to see is a two-part test of the new RadJet Ultra from HobbyKing.

First part is a proper review/test of how it compares out of the box to other competing deltas out of the box, build quality, handling etc. It would be nice to see how this type of plane have (if it has) evolved.

Construction is interesting, does the extra tubes add stability, does the extra drag noticeably affect the speed and or performance?
The second part is of course the options of go totally crazy with this plane. Anything from triple eDF to model JATO-style rockets (yes, I am thinking of Davids lust for fun experiments there).