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Help! RF modules and compatibility

I'm currently building a plane and would like to invest on a decent transmitter so I've looked towards the Turnigy 9XR PRO that's available for a good price but only without the RF module. I've seen videos of people buying ones from china then doing firmware updates but I was wondering is there just a cheap plug and play option that I can easily connect to a 9ch receiver. If doing it this way, costs too much does anyone have any recommendations for a decent radio preferably 8 channels or above that's under £100.


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The Jumper T12 is a better radio IMO for sub £100 and it comes with a multi protocol module already installed that works with every other manufacturers receivers, plus it runs Open TX. It’s smaller than the Turnigy, which may not suit everyone . The Hall Effect gimbal version is available from Unmmaned UAV tech for under £100. The other version is a similar price to the 9XR. It’s up to 16 channels as well.
The Turnigy uses the same AFHDS2 protocol as Flysky, so you don’t need a module in it to fly, just make sure any RX you buy is AFHDS2 and it will work. Flysky and Turnigy sell a 10 channel receiver.
The super cheap Flysky FS6i can be modded to 10 channels, it will work with the Flysky 10ch receivers, just make sure you buy the variant that does AFHDS and AFHDS2.
The flysky fs-i6x is a 10 channel radio for 55 dollars with a receiver. It comes with a 6 channel receiver. But, a 10 channel receiver for flysky is about $20. My first radio was a flysky fs-i6. It's not a perfect product, and it feels a little on the cheaper side, but, it's $55 so I can't complain. I would recommend it, depending on the purpose of the plane. It isn't meant for long range, but from what I've seen, the range is pretty decent.


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All 2.4ghz gear with the antennae set right will get you well over the UK legal “line of sight” 500m limit, I can’t see my FT planes that far out, let alone fly them safely.