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RF7.5 interface


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Hey all, I’ve been looking for a wired interface for RF7.5 for a while now. My original one got broken and I can’t seem to fix it. I can’t find a new one for 7.5, and even the wired ones for RF-X seem to be discontinued. Does anyone have a recommendation for what interface to buy or are you using a different one? There’s a Spektrum one available and the description says that it works with RF-8 and RF-9, but not 7.5! Help please! If you have a interface you’d wanted sell me, shoot me a PM, willing to pay around the 30$ mark.

Edit: some more perseverance and solder fixed my interface, no need for further replies. PLEASE DELETE
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I bought a Great Plane Real Flight Interlink Plus controller ( by Futaba) off of Ebay for about $40 and it works great. Note that the Interlink (non plus) is not compatible. Just find a controller on Ebay in your price range and google:
What versions of RealFlight are compatible for use with the .... Controller?"
Knife edge has a compatibility chart for each controller showing what versions of Realfight it will work with. I found it was easier to google search for it than use the search on KnifeEdge webpage,

Either of these controllers will work with real Flight 7.5



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Does anyone Fly on the old Reflex XTR sim? I wnet to use mine last night after not doing it in a while and the laptop wont recognize the dongle.

I checked Amazon and there are plenty of 22 in one dongles that say they work with XTR but every review was on real flight 7. Can anyone confirm these do in fact work as a replacement?