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Rimfire .10 too big for swappables? Maby the Ft 3D?


Junior Member
I have a Greatplanes Rimfire .10 laying around and would like to use it on a swappable. Do you think it might be to big/powerful? Here are the specs attached.





Hostage Taker of Quads

It depends on what you're planning on doing with it, but on the whole it should work.

If you underprop it with an 8x6 or 8x4 prop, you'll have balance trouble on the smaller swapables, but the motor will perform pretty much like the 24g motors recommended. Going to the larger/faster swapables, step up the prop size and the motor will draw more current to perform nicely.
RacerX, that motor is close to an exact match to the "beef" motor used in the "Dusty" model. Both the weight, and KV are the same, as is the watts. The "Slinger" model uses a motor that is close to that as well. As long as you can keep the CG correct, it should work well with models of that size(even the "Versa wing" would fly well with, though getting the CG correct could be a PITA ;) ).


P.S. When refering to the above models, I'm talking about the models as flown in the Flitetest videos, not what is on the plans.