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Road trip

You should think about visiting flying fields,By invitation of course..When a club has an e fly event.
In our valley we have 6 clubs in a 30 mile radius.I am in the Allentown P.A. area and if you include Philly(50 miles to the south and New york 50 to the north) there are a few more...
If you are coming our way Sunday morning is e fly here and all the time with the other ships.
We are L.V.C.S. www.lvrcs.com.
I also would not mind coming your way say an open house..

Keep up the great work..


Stuck in Sunny FL
Staff member
I like this idea, but it might be somewhat financially inviable. How about a twist on the idea, and set up a standardized format for viewers/forum members to follow, where they act as on the scene reporters, and they submit their own videos, and maybe they could get a featured as a segment during a Flite Test episode.