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Rough Landing

I am still rather new to this hobby. To be honest I have spent more time designing planes than I have flying them. As such I am still getting used to control reversal. Not only that but my problems are compounded by being autistic which causes poor hand eye coordination. So today I went out to the local high school to fly my trainer prototype. The weather wasn't to bad clear skies and 5mph winds. The first flight was uneventful. But during the second flight while coming in for landing about 15 feet above the parking lot a gust of wind caught the plane and caused the left wingtip to stall. So what do I do? I get confused and roll with the tip stall. The plane rolled over then I proceed to accidentally pull full elevator and that was it. I heard a loud *thud* from the prop shaft hitting the asphalt followed by *whap* *whap* *whap* from the prop hitting. It hit hard enough there was damage to the asphalt from the prop adapter. It took less damage than I expected and should still be flyable. I will need to grind of the end of the prop adapter top even get the broken prop off. Pictures of damage below.

Fuselage crumpled. ABS firewall cracked but still usable.
2017-10-08 12.21.40.jpg

Prop broken, prop adapter deformed and cowling cracked
2017-10-08 12.22.15.jpg

Vertical and horizontal stabilizers buckled.
2017-10-08 12.23.05.jpg

Left wingtip.
2017-10-08 12.23.16.jpg