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Rudder brakes!


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When they did the episode the Stryker with rudders was still fairly new. I did read some posts comparing the new stryker to the episode, about how "rudders on a wing have already been done."

But that being said, the guys did some interesting experiments with mixing in that episode that weren't being talked about in the threads I had been reading.

I wonder if the Horizon guys got some ideas by watching the Flite Test video?


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Well, to me it seems to be like you said!

Horizon hobby getting some ideas out of what Flite Test is doing... This probably why they also wanted FT to be sponsored (Or did FT just ask hh do get sponsored?)


Crazy flyer/crasher :D
Okay lets not start this please. I have read so much about this.....

But rather cool how you try to keep the thread interesting...

Btw. I´d say the chicken :D


Rotor Riot!
My dad brings that up in class sometimes (yes, he's a teacher) And he says... "there has to be a rooster..."

But I don't like the fact that we are claiming Horizon got the video idea from flitetest, that never turns out good...