RunCam 2 Full HD 1080P WiFi FPV Camera from


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Admin sent me a RunCam 2 Full HD 1080P WiFi FPV Camera for testing.

Product link: RunCam 2 Full HD 1080P WiFi FPV Camera
Price: $99 USD / $132 CND

This is onther action camera:
This is the action cameras accessories:

This is my 2nd low profile camera review after the Mobius C2 review and I'm looking forward to comparing these 2 cameras.

- Well presented package. Arrived with no bangs or bruises.
- Very well designed box to be honest. Minimal use of material while ensuring product protection.
- I'd hoped for Orange but silver will be fine. Might add some extra colour for crash recovery.
- Removable battery is an awesome design feature.
- Look at all those pieces included in the accessory pack.
- Was very happy to find the tether gear but after 20 minutes trying to fit the strap I gave up. :)
- And yes the RunCam2 does sit a bit taller compared to the Mobius C2.

Initial Thoughts:
Right away I'm impressed with the pack and the camera itself.
- I do wish they'd sent me an orange one because that just makes sense.
- Really like the battery slider which protects the SD card but can see that breaking over time due to usage.
- The accessories kit is awesome.
- That tether point is too small. I'll have to try and use a paper clip or stiff fishing line to get the tether through the hole.
- WiFi nice might be handy for checking the camera's view at the field.
- FPV worthy? We will test that for sure.
- Removable battery. Might have to order a spare!

I hope to start working with the camera soon but this weekend's weather is not looking great.
Video samples and more in depth testing coming. STAY TUNED!


RunCam 2 Full HD 1080P WiFi FPV camera
Slim and light full HD FPV camera
High definition: 1440P at 30fps, 1080P at 60fps, 720P at 120fps
Extremely low latency: 40ms (720P 120fps) and 60ms(1080P 60fps), comparable to analog cameras
Light Weight: 35g (1.2oz) without the removable battery; 49g (1.7oz) with battery
Power saving
Angle of field: FOV 120 degree
Video files: MOV
TV output: NTSC / PAL
Interface: Micro USB
Maximum Micro SD card supported: 64G Class 6 or above (not included)
Image flip (manual / auto): 180 degree rotation
Wide voltage range: DC 5 - 17V, can be powered directly from external power
Battery capacity: 850mAh
USB power input: DC 5V - 17V
Working current: Below 600mA
Built-in lens hood for crash protection, RF shielding
The bottom door keeps the micro SD card from popping out in crash
Support WiFi transmission, iOS and Android APP Action Cameras :
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I'd like to see some 120fps footage. That would give pretty smooth video at 4x slowdown for some nice slo-mo or just some crazy smooth normal speed video.


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I'd like to see some 120fps footage. That would give pretty smooth video at 4x slowdown for some nice slo-mo or just some crazy smooth normal speed video.

Sure thing. Hmm I'll strap it onto the EFX or the Arrow.

Joker 53150

Mmmmmmm, balsa.
Did they give you a specific URL to promote the camera? With the plane I did they wanted me to use a specific one so they could see how much traffic my review generated to their site.

This camera looks pretty interesting, I'm looking for something similar to mount to my rock climbing helmet, so durability or a protective case is important to me.


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No specific URL was given.

As per case I suggest a 3D printed option.



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RunCam2 I think I love you

Over the weekend I started playing with the RunCam2.

All I can say is the more I study the camera the more I like it.

The Wifi app is going to be very handy at the field.
IMG_8807.PNG IMG_8808.PNG
We did do a range test and no you can't get far but still being able to switch settings and check your view is a nice to have.

Just a frame grab from one of my tests. The camera handled the direct sun exposure very nicely.

On the tether. I ended up looping a piece of fishing line, using a paper clip and then pulling the tether piece through the hole. Annoying but got it done.

IMG_8798.JPG IMG_8801.JPG IMG_8802.JPG

More flight tests to come. I'd plan to run it on the FT Arrow but that plane broke apart in flight ;)


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Really enjoying the RunCam2 experience.

Ironically my Mobius stopped working on me this weekend.

Here are 2 unedited videos showing the RunCam2 in action.

I had hoped to fly the Radian today but the clouds have moved in.


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A few views from the weekend

I'm still playing with the RunCam 2 but I'm completely blown away by how good this thing is.

Screen Shot 2016-03-27 at 1.40.40 PM.png

Fits on my quad nicely.

I'll have to switch up the modes next and see how the results come out.


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Highly recommend this camera. The sound is a bit weak (need to test new firmware) but other wise brilliant.


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Mobius Settings

Andre, Thanks for posting the comparison between Mobius and RunCam2. I've been interested in a direct comparison between these two for a while now. I noticed that the incremental distance in propeller bands is different between the two cameras. It appears the Mobius is using a higher frame rate than the RunCam2 (i.e. Mobius is 60fps and RunCam2 is at 30fps), or there is a different

Would you mind including the settings that were used on the cameras during the flight? It would be helpful- thanks.
I don't know what settings are available on the RunCam2, but the Mobius as several:

  1. 720p 30fps Narrow
  2. 720p 30fps Wide
  3. 720p 60fps Narrow
  4. 1080p 30fps Narrow
  5. 1080p 30 fps Wide


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The RC2 can shoot the following.

High definition: 1440P at 30fps, 1080P at 60fps, 720P at 120fps

I just tend to shoot 1920 @ 30 since it matches all my other cameras.

I've yet to try the other settings to be honest.


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Do you recall what the Mobius settings were for the flight? Both cameras appeared to have the same field of view but the RunCam may have had a slower frame rate - or some kind of pixel binning that caused the prop to have fewer lines.