Runcam split mini 2 and Tramp HV wiring questions


Hello all,
I'm setting up a freestyle quad with a runcam split mini 2 as the camera, a buzzer, Tramp HV as the VTX and a Ublox m8n mini as the GPS/compass . The FC is a Frsky edition Fireworks v2 with a r-xsr rx connected via the spi port. My concerns are around knowing exactly how to connect the camera controls for the camera. They list you can solder them to a uart's TX and RX pads but I have a camera control pad so can I use this? can I just attach it to the rx pad of the Camera but then what about the camera TX pad, what is this for? Audio?
Also i'm pretty sure I can attch the tramp tremetry wire to the smart port pad and it should be work if I configure betaflight right.

I'm using the 8v 1 amp BEC to power both as it is filtered and combined maximum power draw should be .9 amps at 8v. Also that is at 600mv transmit strength and I am limited to 25mv in my country so power draw should be much less for me.
Pinouts GPS CAM VTX guess at connections.png
Any help with the wiring of these would be greatly appreciated.


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For the camera control, you will need a full UART (both Rx and Tx) - the smart audio/tramp telemetry is used to control the VTx channel, band and power output.