Runcam Swift 2 VS Cheap camera/TX combo (AIO)


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Decided to do a little side by side testing with my two favorite camera setups; the Runcam Swift 2 and one of my little All in One cameras.


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I did a similar test couple days ago on a lightweight versawing
Ive been testing the cheapest cameras I can to begin flying long range and untill I get the electronics dialed in I want to use cheap cameras cheap versawing etc so I dont cry if I loose my expensive plane and electronics if the "return to home" GPS, FC or? isnt calibrated steps

I do not like the amount of fisheye on the AIO cams the peripheral image seems to jump or roll into focus I see the same affect in your video and on a plane moving faster I just dont like it ....that being said I found the AIO cam to be great for a small quad indoors as that fisheye gives the appearance of being closer than you actually are and helps to prevent some crashes

I did like this cheapo banggood cam and TS5823 TX combo for $20 great clear fpv picture... Im impressed. and will test record and compare against my run cams or 808
$20 cam & TX combo here

for a light plane I do really like the 808 keychain cam wired for both FPV pilot view and simultaneous recording in 720p, the lightweight cam is great for small planes and wings, I just velcro the 808 and move it around from wing to plane that already has a wiring harness in it to accept the 808....its 720P and I have a DVR on my ground stations to record the pilots view........and at $35 I can afford to loose it

and of course the gopro wired for FPV or recording is real nice but there is a weight factor so it needs to be the right plane and how much $ are you willing to loose, Im not willing to loose my expensive gopros first few times going long range

I trust my goggles and ground station reliabilty already and my choice "for now" in setting up my long range equipment is the light weight720p 808 keychain with a TS5823 TX on a cheapo versawing with a symmetrical wing.


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Yeah, the cheap little AIO cameras have their drawbacks but I've had a lot of fun with them! I have a couple banggood cameras from quite a while ago that I still really like. I have no idea what they are but they've been used in dedicated FPV rigs for a long time now and have served me well. Lately I've been getting into the run cams more, used to run caddex, still have them on a few but I'm having fun working my way into the higher end cameras now (but I bet I still put almost as much flight time in about any week on the little AIO camera's still lol)