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Running the Turnigy 9x with a Lipo... Help ..

Hey guys..
so i have my Turnigy 9x on the way and i have seen loads stuff on, like adding the frsky module and wot not..

well id rather like to run it off a Lipo but dont know wot size or how to do it.. wondering if any of u wiser or experienced guys could help me out with it.?

a second side question.. is there anything about the 9x i NEED to know about.? anything from upgrades i need to little things like the balance being out, as i have heard it is..

Cheers in advance :)



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The stock firmware isn't intuitive, but can work for pretty much any application. I haven't upgraded the firmware on mine yet, but I've got a programmer in the post.

I've been running a lipo for a while now: http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/uh_viewItem.asp?idProduct=16529

This fits nicely into the battery bay. The tx draws around 200mA so this battery lasts months worth of daily use. Just make sure that when you plug it in, the red/positive is on the middle pin and the black/negative is on the left pin.


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These are the mods I've done to date. Note that since I recently upgraded to er9x I've since removed the resistor I added in my li-ion mod. Have fun :)

Trainer Function / Simulator Mod

Li-Ion Mod

FrSky Mod

er9x Firmware Update


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Yep that has been a BIG problem with changing over to lipos. I cut the original lead from the board to the battery holder and then wired in a deans connector to the cut end. I reconnected the original wires polar correct and then put a dab of hotglue over it to hold it in place. So when I need to take the battery out for charging I disconnect it at the deans connector. Much easier and less chance of putting the battery in the wrong way. If you do happen to fry the tx by connecting up the wrong way there are a couple of tutorials online on how to fix it.
Hey guys i need help with my 9x really bad! i did the resistor mod so i could teach my grandpa how to fly on a buddy box cable and well it worked but now i have very very limited range. i did the mod to both radios, my radio has range to about 60ft and then it get all twitching and any further i have no control. his radio is better then mine i am not sure what the exact amount of ft his goes out to. but i did the same thing to both radios. i have been trying to troubleshoot what could be going wrong with my radio- so far i've tried different receivers, new batteries and also have opened up tx and looked inside and made sure all wires were secure... if you guys need pics then i can upload. thanks in advance for the help


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If it happened after doing the mod, then make sure the soldering is all ok and make sure you have plugged in the connector that you have to remove to separate both half's of the radio. I've never had anyone report loss of range this this mod. Double check everything.