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Rx recommendations please

I looking for a spektrum 6 channel Rx to go into a baby blender build I'm doing, buy there's a lot of choices. I'm using a DX7s. I've been looking at the AR6100 as they're on sale at Helipal for about $15. Would that be a good choice, or should I be looking at something else?

Foam Addict

Squirrel member
That would be an excellent choice, especially at that price.
The orangeRx receivers are also excellent, and provided they are not shadowed, operate easily as well as Spektrum RXs.
I would post links, but HK's site is down at the moment. the R-610 or 615 are good choices for a foamie.


Flying Derp
I would for sure go with that AR6100 for $15. I had a lockout/brownout/reboot problem with the only Orange RX I bought so I'm leery about them. Get the original for $15!

Ak Flyer

Fly the wings off
Either way you're getting good gear. However, the the AR6100 is a park flyer receiver. You run the risk of losing signal at longer ranges, where the orange rx's 6 channel and up are good at long ranges.
Got 8 or 10 of the Oranges, none of the Spektrums. But frankly I bought the Spektrum FOR the orange receivers and foamies. You can have a lot of fun cheap with foam. Sometimes it's the building thats the fun part of the hobby. Makin something new, something not seen before or recently. I've got 5 looking at me now. The Twirl, it flies weird but the sight of two rotors spinning is really cool. The bloody wonder just flys fantastic. I don't have my blender all the way sorted out yet but it looks so sweet. My Old Lazy (fogey ripoff) just floats and puts around so nice just like my LzB used too and that F-22, man, something about that long nose as it's scootin by. I always thought the Blue Angels looked like they flew on glass and I know they're great pilots, but its that nose that is far out in front that gives it that solid look in the air. Awesome.

I wouldn't cancel your order, just remember, you could have had 4 receivers OR 2 receivers and another ESC/Motor combo for another airplane.

Then again, you wife may not let you hang airplanes on your bedroom wall. But we have seperate bedrooms so mine doesn't have much say in the matter. I'm 50 and I snore. The least I could do is take my noisy rear somewhere else for her to get a good night sleep. She knows where I am, the walls are vibrating in my direction!
I looked at the orangerx ones too. To be honest, I love getting a good deal but I couldn't find any rocksolid reviews on those one way or another, so I went with what I deemed the more "reliable" choice. Honestly, I know it's not an expensive or fragile plane, but I'd feel really bad losing a plane that I worked so hard on, just because I bought some cheap electronics.

I still want to pick up a couple of those orangeRX receivers because I see plenty of people who swear by them. I just want to try to put them through their paces before I actually put them up in the air. All that aside, the real reason that I didn't buy them is because it looks like the only place to get them from is Hobby King, and I didn't want the foam on my plane to rot before I got the receivers. These too are coming from Hong Kong, but I can bet you that I get them in no less than a week.

Ak Flyer

Fly the wings off
I too swear by the orange rx. I personally fly a 550 size nitro helicopter on an orange rx 6 channel receiver. I have them on all of my small planes and a 9 channel on my cub. The only spektrum receiver I have is the stock one in my blade 400 that came with it and the TM8000 that came with my DX8 lives in my big nitro cub. I've had no problems with any orange rx's.