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Help! Rxsr binging with x9lite

I have had it working before but had a firmware update and have tried everything to get it back to norm and to ad to it my f/s button pooped out on me so any ideas on how to get me back up in the air? Been down for almost a month now and driving me nuts anyone please save my quad


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You can bypass the F/S button by bridging the 2 solder pads it's connected to with a piece of wire or paperclip. When choosing firmware you have to make sure that the protocol (ACCESS/ACCST) and region match your transmitter or it won't bind.
Thank you for the help! Before I saw your reply I got the xm+ and got it running smoothly and got around 90% rssi reading but even with all indicators reading good my quad came crashing down and broke a arm off :/ I was only about 300ft away and it was about 120ft high with no obstructions at all easily within sight... I don’t know what else to do if everything is supposedly operating correctly .. or atleast my equipment is saying it is.. it is just doing completely opposite ... love this hobby but this is putting a bad feel for it since I can’t seem to get the equipment to run correctly... This isn’t a good start to the new year for my quad to say the least lol this is sooooo frustrating:/


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You had a receiver failsafe. You can’t always trust RSSI reading in the headset, for example my R9m equipped quad never reads correctly in the HUD no matter what I do yet it stays solid in the telemetry screen on the radio.
You need to look at what firmware you are running across the board, both in the TX and your receivers. Any mismatch in FRsky firmware is always bad. If both are running the same firmware then look at antennae and how they are placed. I have had FRsky receivers that were consistently appalling whatever I did, the RXSR I had being one, in the end I just smashed it with my favourite hammer and tossed it in the bin.
These are all illustrations of why many people are ditching FRsky equipment, their whole range is a mess right now, the firmware situation is too complicated and unreliable and they keep making crap receivers that don’t work whatever you do!
If you want all these problems to end then the majority view seems to be to buy Crossfire. The Crossfire Lite is affordable and works very well. This is the route I am taking after my wallet recovers from Xmas. I just feel like FRsky is no longer reliable and none of my gear is Access compatible so rather than spend more money with a company that doesn’t care about reliability I am going to accept the failings of TBS instead. At least the prime parts of their system work and they don’t actively try to stop customers using older gear.