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S.P.A.D. to the Bone


Since I'm in the middle of building my Classic 40 kit I purchased 20 years ago, I was poking around for helpful tips on construction, pitfalls, etc. I stumbled upon this awesome plans site for scratchbuilt coroplast airplanes:

I find the aesthetic attributes of some to be lesser than appealing, but there are a couple of gems, like the SPADSTANG and COROCUB. There are also construction tips and such. Of course, any of these plans would translate over to foam board very easily and vice versa.
You left off the Flipper and Flipper Deluxe two mighty pretty, purely sport but mighty quick scimitars designed by this crazy bald feller, me. Yes, plenty of similar but the only difference is in the construction materials.

Don't forget now, SPADfest 2013 will be in Newton, IA June 7th and 8th. To keep informed check us out on teh SPAD forum www.spadworld.net
Yes, User Member Frosty has among other things an Electric Flipper. Team AbbyNormal had an electric entry into the speed comps two years ago. We use the doppler shift program however and it was too quiet to register. In the USS stick thread I linked my USS BUT the one flying right before it is electric. There will be a gradual swap over to the electrics, just like everywhere else. Meanwhile it's nice to have a fuelprood and weatherproof plane.

We fly everything at SPADfest. Last year we had a Giant foamy, with a big gasser on it, a Turbine, turbo prop, electrics (I flew my HK Trojan FunFighter) electric combat and at night there is an IC curfew at 9 oclock, so we all flew electric then.

I'm at a Youtube free zone but if you have time before I can link, look up SPADfest 2012 Newton on youtube and watch some of the 5-6 vids. There are other years there too.
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I believe the motor and gear is out of it, don't really know what they did with it so far. I know the Jet powered spad is gone, the wing is being used by another party as part of a FPV project. Abby has a huge glider he is putting a jet on now and plays a lot with foam in the meantime, the son all 6'7" of him is a full size (oh man) private pilot now and I think in last year of HS if not first of college. I should be better briefed on that. The Big Foamy really needs to be in a museum some place, or some place of honor. It last flew at the fall event or should I say the fall event was it's last event. Landing gear gave up on it and it had an arrival. Not bad, I don't know if it really hurt anything but it was done and they have moved on. 3 years ago they had an 8 foot Snowball they called an Avalanche with a G-62 on it. That was pretty impressive. But it made SPADfest and on last day they flew it to destruction. It was, after all, only 20 bucks of foam and a real pain to fit in the trailer. SPADfest is flying all day, well into the night with campfires, Monkey berries sunburns, Orion the wonder dog and the continuing adventures of Floyd the balsa fanatic. Thatd be the pink feller in the videos with all the airplanes running into him. Part of the fun you see. SPADs for their general lack of beauty and down right lack of ability to look closely at them in some cases, are sturdy machines, and laugh at taking dirtnaps while trying to hit a stationary object. The worse thing that usually happens is you break a prop and have to wait for everyone else to get down while attacking Floyd.

Some of them, the Spadstick, USS Spad Ultimate, Spadette, extra and edge, look and fly excellant. The DPS, Buhor, shoot my Flippers and a bunch more, look ok to good and fly great too. Then there are SPAD3D's and Pizza box flyers that are little more then a piece of Coro and a stick, but MAN what you can do with them. And hey, GNAT combat has finally been taken up by the RCCA for the Nats and general competition this year. That's a 15 size engine on a piece of aluminum c frame with a chunk of 4 mil coro for a wing and tail surfaces. Simple, dang near impossible to destroy, relatively slow and easy combat for everyone. They probably fly with less umph then the Fast and Furious electric combat planes, but you don't have to charge your batteries for each flight and give us Glow guys something to smell like when we get home.

Oops gotta wrap gifts.