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S-Tee 250 by WillyNillies.com soon to be released

Hi Everyone,

S-TEE 250 soon to be released. 6.25oz ready to fly! Let us put this one that was built from a production kit through the a couple more stress tests and we should be ready to release. It's a really fun little RET airplane. :)

S-Tee 250 Specs:
Wingspan: 28"
Wing Chord 5"
Wing Area: 140 sq in
Fuselage length from front of fuselage to tip of rudder: 19.5"
Flying Weight Brushless or Glow: 6 to 6.5 ounces.
Wing loading 6.69 oz/sq.ft.
Wing Cube loading : 6.8
Build as 1,2 or, 3 channel
Easy access battery hatch - secondary bottom hatch also!
Built in servo tray in fuselage (includes 3rd servo cutout for PeeWee .020 RC users)
Clark Y flat bottom airfoil
Laser cut self jigging construction - The entire airframe can be built and ready to cover in less than 2 hours!
Full length shear web re-enforced main spar.

All wood pieces to build the entire airframe
.032 K&S music wire pushrods
.052 K&S music wire for landing gear
Laser cut wheel retainers
Motor mounting screws, blind nuts and washers
Plastic motor mount to use on most 1306 brushless quad motors
6 each number 32 rubber bands for attaching wing

Recommended equipment:
2 or 3 each 3.7 to 5 gram servos - Rudder and Elevator or Rudder, Elevator and Throttle
Power: 1306 - 3100kv brushless motor or Cox Pee Wee .020 glow engine (Throttle sleeve recommended for the most fun!)
For Brushless - 350 to 500 mah 2s lipo battery
- minimum 8 amp ESC.
- Gemfan 5030 or 6030 or equivalent propeller


That was my first RC Airplane back in 1980!! Airtronics --I believe had the kit back then. Should have flown great but I had no idea how to build back then (gobs of glue)!! Advice--keep it light and it will fly great!!