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Saab JAS 39 Gripen

Update: The sketchup plans are good, increased the length of the slot for the wing. Here are a couple photos of it taped together to test fit the parts.

taped together 1.jpg taped together 2.jpg

Been really kicking the idea of building a pusher jet. Started hunting around for three view drawings and found this as a good candidate saab gripen jas39_3v.jpg .
Started working it out in sketchup this is what I have so far ja 39 gripen2.jpg ja 39 gripen3.jpg
I plan on bulding out of both DTF and some 5/8 styrofoam I've been using covered in clear packing tape after sanding it to shape.
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Pgerts: yeah I've seen the other threads, just trying my take using some different materials and an exercise in the sketch up design. I'm at work now but I'll update the progress on the sketch up progress this evening. Also planning on putting the model in. Rc desk pilot when I'm finished. :)
Some more progress, here's an overall pic showing the center fuse section with smoothed edges to simulate the doubled up 5/8 styrofoam sanded down. sketchup pics 1.jpg sketchup pics 2.jpg

The intake areas have been reworked to work with dtf foam and easier to construct. sketchup pics 3.jpg

It now has a tunnel to hide some electronics.

Also clipped the wing off inside the tunnel at the front and keyed the wing as one component through the doubled up styrofoam center fuse. sketchup pics 4.jpg

I'm undecided on working canards but I'd really like to try them, I also can't decide on a sanded in airfoil or kf step style for the wing. I am open to suggetions on those and anything else regarding the model.
Ok so the frigid temps outside got me the day off work so much more progress on the design. Just going to unfold it in sketchup print out some plans and start the build today! Also forgot to mention the overall dimensions are Winspan : 23 inches Length : 30 inches going to power it with this and a 6x4 prop http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00GWF58OK/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

Went with the KF wing, made the wingspan a little wider, and enlarged the rudder a bit.
gripen easy duct v3 overall.jpg

Replaced the thick styrofoam inside the box ducts with a vertical dtf spar tabbed into the top and bottom of the box. Allowing the box to be a complete unit.
gripen easy duct v3 box bottom.jpg

Here are the separate parts.
gripen easy duct v3 parts front.jpg

This is an overall of the box itself going to be made with "A and B" style folds, and incorparated the upper kf step into this component.
gripen easy duct v3 box.jpg gripen easy duct v3 rear exhaust.jpg

Will update soon with beta plans for those interested.
Agreed, that would work out fine! The way I'm laying the plans out just shows the fuse profile so it can be cut from whatever you like. I've built many profile jets in the style you talking about.