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Sacramento Area Parkflyers


Pirate ParkFlyer
Hello everyone, I am here to represent the Sacramento Area Parkflyers, which is not a club or organization, it's just a forum or community of people that fly in the local Sacramento area and share the knowledge, fun and challenges of RC airborne flight.

We have forum members that fly all sorts of things, from old pirates with large balsa planes to super geeks who are writing their own multirotor code. Some days we have more people showing up at random fields of grass than both of the large AMA clubs combined. We have a healthy classifieds section for local guys, info about every flying spot in the area, plans, help for beginners and just about everything in between. Every so often we have a BBQ but let me repeat this again, we are not a club, we are not an organization, we have no dues, no rules, no requirements, and no leaders. The website pays for itself and we blow the rest on beer.

Soooo, if your sick of those big AMA clubs with dues, leaders, politics and old men who frown at your foamie, then come on out and check us out. We come from all over central California but the community was founded in Elk Grove just south of Sacramento, we now have members from other states and welcome anyone who is interested. We are here to help you get in the air, we are here to laugh with you when you crash and maybe we'll even help you fix it too. Flying is always fun with a friend, so come on out and make some. You never know, you could be living right next door to the guy who has all the answers and guidance you need to step into something new or get in the air for the 1st time.

We can be found at www.parkflysac.com and thanks for finishing my long winded post..hope to meet ya on the flight line soon..
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We've got a bunch of guys down here in Aus that all fly at my local park, you just can't mention the dirty C word (club).