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Safe battery storage


Senior Member
I just saw the FT video on batteries exploding. I'm concerned about safely storing my batteries between flying sessions. Is there a danger of them catching fire when not connected to a charger, or touching each other? I have about a dozen batteries. How should I store them?
As far as I know, the time of greatest danger is when charging. I suppose there is risk of lipo fire in between sessions, but there are steps to prevent that. If you have a battery that is puffed or cut, then it is probably not safe to use, and you definitely should not keep it lying around the house or something. These damaged batteries should be kept in a sand bucket until disposal or at least in a fireproof lipo bag (available at most online hobbyshops and amazon). But "healthy" batteries should be fine as long as they are not connected to anything. But it's still advisable to keep them in a fireproof bag anyway. You can never be too careful when it comes to things that can potentially burn down your house.

Good luck!