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Pumpkin drop event

San Antonio Builders Event. October 21, 2017


New member
This is an event for modeler built aircraft. No factory built aircraft. No builder of model requirement.

Last year we had about 25 entrants and about 50 home made airplanes, of all sizes. Foam, balsa, 3D printed parts and lots of originality. We did have several people flying Flite Test models.

San Antonio is usually pleasant in October. There are lots of touristy things if the family doesn't want to hang out at the flying field.

The event is cosponsored by the VRCS but the airplanes don't have to be vintage. The only requirement is that the planes be built by modelers, not factories. There is no builder of model requirement.



Hi hi, I have a couple of questions.

- Is the purpose to build at the event, or show up and just fly?
- Will there be power outlets for charging?
- Is AMA membership required?