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San Diego area?

I'm just getting into the hobby and I was wondering if there are any pilots in the San Diego area? I would love to meet some people and learn. I'm building some scratch builds and learning a lot.


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What area of San Diego are you in? I just moved from San Marcos and flew with a great bunch of guys in north county. There are a lot of guys near miramar and other areas as well. Too bad I moved cross country, I miss it there
I joined SEFSD over in Mission Bay as I live down town in the flight path and have no car. Only been a few times and it seems like a nice place to fly but if you drive I bet you can find many more in SD county.
Sorry I haven't replied. I wasn't able to log it due to a mistake in my username!

I live in Ramona and work in El Cajon. I live out in the 'country' and have tons of space to fly but I'm very interested in meeting some people in the area that fly multirotors. :)

I'm currently working on a tough tilt tripcopter (eventually dragonfly). It's proved to be quite the challenge tuning. I'd love to meet up with some local multirotor enthusiasts to pick your brain about your setups.
I fly at Silent Electric Flyers of San Diego (SEFSD) field near Sea World. They have a good airstrip and lots of space. Great group of folks out there. There is a multirotor area and a fixed wing area. I also fly my quads at an athletic field near my house. I am interested in knowing of other places to fly FPV with a lot of space and few people.
Valley Center here.

I fly at the field next to Harrah's Casino, Pala area a club called the Fallbrook Flyers. I recently re-joined the club after finding the Flitetest community. I have now built over 11 foam models to go with my nitro planes. I also enjoy designing my own versions taken from older designs.