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Id like to say thank you to Balu, i did not see this thread when i originally looked for a place to introduce your self.
most forums have a separate place just for welcomes.. but this works

anyhow on with introducing my self i guess. ill try to make this quick as not to bore people and hope this will allow me to start asking much needed questions. iv figured out most of them i had when i originally signed up a few weeks ago.. but i have a few that have not been asked. so with out further adze. lets rock.

my name is Chris C.
im 40, as of last Oct. yeah i got old somehow. laughs. I live in apache junction, its like 10 minutes from Mesa, AZ. i live at the foot of the superstion mountain range. if you google superstition mountain range, you will see what my front yard looks like.. its quite pretty. i live as close to what the desert rats living in pheonix would call the sticks. which is good, i grew up in the mountains of Oregon. i use to be a logger until i had a bad motor cycle accident. i hit a tree on a dirt bike Rm 250 at 70mph when the throttle stuck wide open on a corner, i try to hit the kill switch grab the front breaks to get my front tire down but it was to late.. poof. head onto a big fur tree me and my bike went. when i came to i was at the bottom of the mountain with two compound fracturs to my left leg. 3" above my knee my femur poped through and 4" above my ankle. so after a few minutes i had to decide.. close eyes and die, or crawl for help. i decided to crawl for help. so i took my shirt off and made a turnakits and started to drag my self up the mountain side to get to the logging road. once i made it to the logging road i drag my self a mile and half in two days for help. ( i hit the tree so hard my riding boots flew off so i was in socks crawling. ouch! ) remember in grade school when you did the crab walk? imagine that for two days pulling your self with your arms, and with one good leg pushing your self along a pit run ( large rocks ) logging road. i wrecked about 8 am Sat. found help around 8pm Sun.. anyhow thats the short story of how i became disabled.

now lets fast forward i wanted to get into RC about 8 years? ago, i do not remember the exact year now.. sigh. anyhow it was when the airhogs biplanes were becoming popular with there differential thrust. i had three of them that i hacked up, turn into mono planes and added LEDS.. i even ordered a TX i bought a high tec optima 6. digital radio. unfortunately its FM? can take a spectrum module tho i guess. anyhow, its out dated.. i am saving for a new TX now and im just using the optima 6 for the flight simulator which i spend 1 - 3 hours a day practicing now.

from when i originally wanted to get into RC birds i can say things sure have changed. lol. but for the better. now quads are the hot item it seems. its cool we can build a cheap air frame from foam. this is what is gonna make it capable for me to get into it for real this time. o yeah reason i did not manage to last time. i woke up blind and had to have emergency brain surgery they found a 5mm anirisum behind my left eye and yeah that almost killed me too. i should mention it took me 2 years to learn to walk again from my original accident.. i died for 1.5 minutes.. i also got a artificial knee in 2004 July 5th 9am ( you would think it was a kid i can remember it like it was yesterday).. last year i had to have spinal sugery. in all i have had over 55 major operations and they have me on heavy narcotics for pain. life gets hard but i try to stay up beat.. so you wont see me posting emo threads, just aint my style.. even tho i do lose my thought back of lack of sleep or pain, or just stress. being a chronic pain paitent sucks.. being disable sucks.. so i say stay healthy. :D lol.

so lets speed this introduction up yeah.. im sure iv bored ,most of you by now.. if you even still reading.

so this month i built my first airplane. i built a scratch built FT speedster. that was a lot of fun to build. iv been collecting tools etc to build airplanes all month. i only have about 180.00 a month for hobby funs disability not so much money.. so will take some time to get the rest of the things i need. thankfully i have the flight simulator to get my fix till i can get up in the air. i did make one mistake building the FT speedster tho. LOL, i did a A fold or a B fold to the fuselage, so my winds ended upsides down. o well, live and learn and only cost me .99 i have a box of dollar tree foam to continue learning. i ended up giving the air frame to my little nephews to throw around. they think its the best toy every. right now im working on a Balsa wood German BF109 rubber band plane. i picked up three of them on ebay for 20.00 i plan on converting them to electric, and 3ch, 4ch I was originally gonna use dope/tissue but have decide just to go ahead and learn how to use heat shrinking plastic stuff. as for electronics im collecting them. i have some 9g servos and 4.5.

( i can say i did enjoy the foam plane build.. but i really love the balsa wood build.. even tho im learning as i go. lol. its just so therapeutic.. so yeah i can see more balsa wood builds in the future.. but i have so much to learn.. its quite over whelming to be honest.. but im not giving up, not in my blood so i will figure this stuff out. )

im interested in all forms of flights even quads.. with your guys recommendations i bought the blade nano qx. im hooked.. im learning like your video shows with safe mode off and high rates on. :D so while learning to fly quads with the nano, and the flight simulator.. i have been learning how to build one.
so yeah i hope to play with aerial photography etc.. i just love flight so to be honest im interested in it all. which means lots of head aches from over reading. at least its cool to be a nerd in 2015.

im sure iv left a bunch out and sorry for my rambled thoughts. anyhow, i want to give huge thank you to FT. its because of your videos i have learn what i have so far. you are doing the community good thats for sure.




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Hey Chris,

welcome to the forum :)

We have only one important rule here and that is: Don't be shy and ask your questions. People here don't bite as they sometimes do on other forums.

Your motorcycle crash story is unbelievable. I guess you are 40 now because you celebrated your birthday twice for a few years? ;)


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Welcome to the Forum Chris and wow. Not too many people who have died and lived to tell about it. And though death is generally inevitable, I'm glad you have been spared that for now. I'm thinking about multicopter possibilities and the nanoQX was a thought. This year in Maine we've been getting a double dose of snow and I hear more is on the way... ufff.


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Hey Chris :)

I like balsa building too! I'm designing a FunBat to be built out of balsa, it's so much fun to do. I also have a Fiu on the workbench. And I just finished making some sanding blocks! Hope to see your build progress along mine :)

And yes... balsa building is quite therapeutic :) (except the cutting which drives me nuts; luckily I found a laser shop near my house)
Hello from Pasadena...

I was into RC cars 20 years ago and lusted after a helicopter. Now, after getting a micro multi-rotor (Hubsan X4) for Xmas and flying it for somewhere near 15 hours, I'm building an ElectroHub with the Ready To Fly Quads Flip 1.5 kit. My TX is a hand-me-down Spektrum DX4e and if already got it bound and tested with the Flip. I should be getting the frame on Tuesday so I can get it built. :)



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thanks guys for the warm welcome.. hey i have a few more posts under my belt.. im starting to get un shy. LOL. :p

the blade nano qx is a blast.. best part you can fly it in your house and annoy the cat with it :p
i did have to buy a few extra batterys tho.. also the controller that comes with it is ok. but nothing like a full size TX.. im using a hitec optic 6 for my flight simulator. i can only imagine id be much better flying the nano with a full size TX as im a big guy at six foot 6. so the one that comes with the ready to fly seems like a toy in my large hands. laughs. . so i will be getting a TX that is either spectrum or can do spectrum stuff. but im thinking a spectrum x6i would be good just for BNF stuff. but i dunno yet. we will see. no matter what i get im gonna have to learn to program the darn things,. they should of offered RC hobbies in college :D

welcome to the forum Ircfly :p


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small world Tim.. so this is the guy who sold me my nano qx ( so i guess its you i will have to blame for all the money i do not have that will be spent on these things that can fly. ). LOL. :p
i was thinking.. same name.. hmm.. then i saw hudson.. and i was like duh.. its you :p
welcome.. small world this RC world is.

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hey a balsa wood funbat, or maybe a bloody wonder would be cool as heck. yeah i need some of that heat shrinking plastic now.. as i have no dope to even do tissue paper if i wanted.

but it has given me more than enough time to figure out the 2g servos will fit and how i would cut the hinges etc. iv cut the balsa wood model up in to many pieces in my mind and with paint on the pc. ( all the models are basically the same for air frames, even tho they are different birds.. they were pretty cleaver in designing these balsa wood models. i still was surprised by how little instructions there were.. basically a picture.. and some words about the plane.. and the rest is up to you looking at for extra detail on the box.. i had to find where two small gussets went that were not on the plans but label on the box. . so i cant complain about bad chinese instructions anymore..) and i can build a slot in the belly for 1s battery's. i have much more appreciation for old planes now when i see them.. knowing how much work goes into a balsa wood plane. i just could not imagine building one just to crash it on its maiden. :( id guess many mix emotions were felt on them we just call them bad days! heh.

i will keep a eye out in the balsa section for your mad science projects.. :D

the only thing i wish, there was a universal method on how to pick electric motors.. its the most confusing part. at least for me for now.

renewed rc fan

New to the hobby but always wanted to get into rc flight. I ran across flite test surfing youtube and have been hooked. I bought a Dx6 and a Nano a few weeks ago. Ordered a speed build yesterday and I am eager to get started on it. Huge fan of the show and I think I have watched every episode. Favorite is anything fpv. Thank you all at flite test for making this hobby accessible to anybody.

alan r

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I am going about this entire DTFB/E flite thing a little differently than most I believe. Am ordering things in bulk enough for 5 planes. Control horns, esc's. motors , servos and such. Plan on doing various sizes until I decide which way I want to go. Leaning towards the Spektrum six or 2nd gen 7 channel radios and some Lemon or Orange recievers. Went to the Dollar Tree and they are getting me a case of foam board. Have a DH Beaver (based on the Storch) at 60 inch span almost completed. Definately will build a LARGE multi cargo plane as I spent many years in the jumping out of and cargo dropping area of the Army. Can you picture a DTFB C17 or C141 ? Must do a search for 50 little paratroopers !!
Hi guys,

I am new to this forum, but not new to scratch building or RC flying.

After crashing one of my own builds, after loosing the elevator servo :(, i spent MANY hours trying to find my next build.

So i chose the FT-22 :) will post more about that in the relevant section.

But, i am 32, father of 6, and self taught. Non of my kids want to learn to fly RC apart from my 5 yr old daughter. Of whom i will teach her when i get the right stuff to run her on the simulators. I might even build a Simple Storch too.

I live in the UK, and trying to find foam suitable is impossible. I did hear you FT guys are looking at getting your new FT-Foam into the european market.... well, the nearest foam i can get, is £7 for 2 A1 sheets, and the paper does not come off easily.

lol. im side tracking already this is supposed to be an intorduction not and essay.

any way. Hi :)



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New here

Hey everyone!

New here and excited to read through eveything on airborne RC stuff! I owned a Dromida Ominous for a few months until it was lost in the wind, into a tree:(. Since then, its been replaced with a Blade 350QX3 and I'm really wanting to get into FPV and eventually racing.



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Hi everyone, my name is Mike. Started flying RC last year with a champ. Built a FT flyer from the plans. Saving my "mad money" to get the electronics for it. Have done numerous walks of shame, but that is part of the learning curve! Problem is, I have so many different hobbies that it is hard to dedicate time to more RC, even though I really enjoy it! I live about an hour from Flite Test and watching their videos really got me into the hobby. Thanks guys!


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Hi, y'all. I am Jeff, from Richmond, MO, USA. Kind of near Kansas City.

I'm 67 years old and just got bitten by the RC flight bug about 2 or 3 weeks ago. I bought a HobbyZone Sport Cub S and began teaching myself to fly fixed wing, which is my primary interest here, and also bought a Syma X11 mini quadcopter to fly in the house when it's too windy to fly outside.

I got considerably more religious about that "too windy" deal when, on my second ever flight, my Sport Cub got away from me up in the wind and flew away, never to be seen (by me) again. It might be in some farmer's field, or in some woodland somewhere. I rode my motorcycle all over all the fields for the first mile or so in an increasing arc downwind before I gave up.

No, I didn't have my name on it. I do on my new Sport Cub, though!

There is a Tiny Trainer in my very near future. There's a Baby Blender out there somewhere too, but the Tiny Trainer comes first.

Nice to be among this friendly and helpful community. :)


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I'm a 55 year old who finally took the dive into flying R/C. Similar to SlowJeff I too bought a HobbyZone Sport Cub S BNF along with a Spektrum Dx6i transmitter. All this arrives tomorrow via Fedex! First flight will be a bit nerve racking! I have a local park in mind to use with short cut grass. Take offs and landings will be the rule of the day.

I too want to get a quad copter for indoor flying fun. I'm thinking a Nano QX ought to fit the bill nicely.

The beginner series here on Flite Test has been a huge help in getting me prepped for "first flight" and to better understand this deep hobby. Thanks Josh n Josh and the rest of the FT crew!

I foresee myself building an FT Versa in the near future!
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I just sent PicoQX's to my oldest son and son-in-law for Father's Day. I did of course op-check them. There zippy little guys. Light and resilient. They are not DSMX compatible though. They're bound to their own transmitters and I was only successful rebinding them with another PicoQX transmitter, not my DX6. I flew both QX's without any interference between them. There was some minor drift that I couldn't quite trim all the way out. I think I might get a Nano so I can bind it with my existing transmitter and have something a little bigger for my aging eyes to follow though the lights on the QX are nice for low light/no light flying.

I'm currently building a Versa to give to the neighbors boy, a fine young man who kindly returned the UMX Radian I lost when I allowed it to fly where I couldn't see. I'm actually building two. I'll work out the bugs on mine and smooth out the details on his.

As a fan of Steve Saint I see a J3 in my near future too.
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I'm a retired USAF F-15 Crew Chief (22 years, 10 months 10 days). I have been zipping around with the Hubsan quad and have wanted to get into aircraft for a while. The wife bought me a FMS 1280 for Fathers Day this year and I'm hooked. The first flight was great. I was still shaking after it was done. I had a few "pucker moments" but other than that things went well. Second flight went well. Had to put it down and do the "walk" a few times. Made the mistake of not rechecking my CG after a hard landing. No damage but a nice green grass stain! Need more batteries!

Looking into a few local clubs and see about joining one.

This forum looks like a great place to hang out and learn.