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Say Hi!


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Welcome to the Forum!

Grass stains on a flying airframe are badges of honor (particularly if you can get one in a hard to reach spot ;) ). There will always be those "Oh crap" moments, but get a few more flights under your belt and you can start relaxing into it. That airframe and the many clones like it make a nice sport-glider, so a great choice for a first fixed-wing -- you'll love putting her in the air for a long time to come :)


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Hi I am Brad(aka bivvo)

I have been into planes but have taken a break until discovering flite test. My first plane is a brushed EPP Combat wing and a Parkzone Typhoon which can still fly even though the fuse has been re-glued multiple times. I have neglected to fly after moving to the Northwest due to the amount of trees. It is harder here then it was in the desert to find an open field.

After discovering flite test I ended building an FT Flyer for my daughter which she is still not comfortable flying (Still working on Sim Training). I had so much fun I ended up building me a Simple Storch. I am currently moving around my one and only Rx to my different planes as I fly. I have the original Spektrum DX6 (DSM1) which I need to replace as soon as I have some money.

It is good to be here and looking forward to fun times.

Bill L

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Hello fellow RC fanatics

Hi everyone! I'm new to the forum and to RC aircraft. Im pretty new to the hobby and pretty passionate about learning everything I can. I look forward to getting to know all of you.
hi im cory i like to build and fly r/c planes i would love for a couple of aircraft ive seen in my child hood days to be out on dtfb but it may never happen and in case anyone is curious about the planes im reffering to here is a list
1.conwing L-16 -talespin
2.turbokat - swatkats the radical squadron
3.arwing -starfox
4.yukikaze planes such as the super sylph and the frx


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I'm Alfred (Hong Kong), I'm 14 and started to get in the hobby since the summer holidays, and want to get into miniquads
I play the clarinet, so it changes from highpitched noise to high piched noise
I'd love to get into flying, but high density forests on an island is discouraging
I hope the hobby gets even better!
Wishy comes from one of my stories I have to write... If I ever will (I hope so)
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Does A Soul From A HighG World Come Here To Fly?

I've been interested in flying & things that fly since I can remember. Logged 1000+ hang glider hours, .60 racer in my teens, Estes rockets before that. But the coolest thing by far is my pet roosters. Here is Toby at the Christmas party. I sent for and hatched a couple dozen Dominique eggs. Toby & his brother Ross are scary smart and human like. I took each separately to McDonalds for only a few times before each would get excited when they saw the sign. That's smart as a human child. They drink beer till there drunk then stick their beak in your ear & laugh or start preening your hair. Eat pizza, mac & cheese, anything small enough to swallow. They are clean & odor free as a cat, have the same 14y lifespan. I wish my human Son was half as good. :eek:


And Uncle Howard is Champion West Texas stock who came north as a chick. He is one Bad A Blue Wheaten Americana, black & white Abe beard, golden mane like a lion, iridescent blue & green, silver legs which means he has the Blue Egg gene. When he was half as big as the other roosters he started trying to kill the rest. Chickens are like 99% non cooperative so 6 roosters would not gang up. He would have killed each one at a time if not put in solitary. And he stayed there till the last couple months. I made the usual late night surprise who's the master visit but this time I took him around by the neck to each of the other guys and gave him the these are mine like you are mine & I'm not going to stand for you blooding them up. You want to start using those year & a half old spurs on these 2 dozen hens here go to it. But the first time I see my rooster scabbed up you get NOTHING (visualize Gene Wilder as Wonka)!
And it worked he is a testosterone pumped, dancing, hyper sex machine! But he lets the boys live, crow & sneak some. And they have the sense to stay away from the feeder when he's there. But strap a diaper on him & he's my well behaved show bitch like the others. :cool:

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I'm Alfred (Hong Kong), I'm 14 and started to get in the hobby since the summer holidays, and want to get into miniquads
I play the clarinet, so it changes from highpitched noise to high piched noise
I'd love to get into flying, but high density forests on an island is discouraging
I hope the hobby gets even better!
Wishy comes from one of my stories I have to write... If I ever will (I hope so)
Model aircraft flying hot spots

The following places are frequently visited by the public for model aircraft flying:

(i) Tai Tong in Yuen Long;

(ii) Nam Sang Wai in Yuen Long;

(iii) Tate's Cairn in Sha Tin;

(iv) Tseung Kwan O in Sai Kung; and

(v) Clear Water Bay Peninsula area in Sai Kung.*

* The hilltops at Clear Water Bay Peninsula are within the passages of air traffic used by light aircraft and helicopters. The operator of model aircraft should therefore ensure the safe passage of such air traffic, especially in poor weather conditions when pilots are forced to fly much lower than usual.

See there are plenty places people flying in Hong Kong. Just spend time looking for FPV bargains I just picked up 2 JXD 509G for $30 $20 was shipping. :cool: http://www.ebay.com/itm/172026021150
Hello from Oregon, USA!

Hello Flite Test community! I've been lurking around here for about 10 months now and thought I would introduce myself. I live in Oregon and have been into RC for over 25 years. It has mostly been off road RC trucks with a couple of road vehicles thrown in. I have always loved airplanes but never took the plunge and bought one. I was always afraid of crashing and ruining a perfectly good model. One day, I stumbled across Flite Test and found out that I don't have to spend a ton of money to get in the air! Plus now crashing isn't as expensive. Foam is cheap!

I ordered a Tiny Trainer Speed Build Kit a few months ago and have had a great time learning to fly with it. I built a new fuselage to replace the crash-weary one from the kit. Now I need to build a new wing as the high-G panic pull-ups took their toll and it was ready to fold. I'll put a wooden spar in the next one, or carbon fiber if I get to the hobby store.

I recently built a Baby Baron and a Mini Speedster so my foam building skills are getting pretty good, I think. I'm currently working on a Guinea Pig using Sponz plans. I still ordered the C power pack as I want to support the store, and because I am confused by brushless motor "KV"s and ESCs. I know I'm getting something that will work when I get a power pack. Now my only problem is finding a place to keep all of these airplanes! :D

Anyway, here's to Flite Test and all they have done to build this community!
Just want to use the word Noob in a sentence...

Hello, I have been a RC fan for a long time cars and trucks only though, Tamiya Hornet, Black Foot, and the Grasshopper. In the last ten years I got into the nitro cars Traxxas Jato and a 4*4 that I can't remember the name of. Finally made the jump to planes early this spring. I bought the sport cub s2 to give it a shot and that was all I needed. I ordered the FT Explorer and the FT Guinea Pig, both with the c power pack. They both turned out pretty good and fly pretty amazing. Is it me or does anyone else that flies look at every field or potential flying spot and think, "wonder if I can fly there"? I for see a long term relationship starting with planes. So far my confidence has stayed very positive. Thank goodness for the internet, the amount of information that is out there is unbelievable. Looking forward to finding some people in my area Greensburg Pennsylvania in the future to fly with.

Hope everyone is having a good day,

Hey All


My name is Scott aka Scunner73 and I am from Kent in the UK.

I have been flying quadcopters for about 2 years but recently started flying planes too. I started 3 months ago with a WL toys Polecat and quickly got the bug. Now flying an FT Arrow and Racer as well as a sport cub s when the wind allows.

I have only joined the forum a few weeks ago.

I've been watching FT ever since I bought my first Phantom and haven't stopped since. They give so much to the hobby and entertainment for the community that I felt that I should help by buying some of their planes. It doesn't hurt that the Arrow and the Racer rock.

I would love to see the crazy swede back on the show, he and Peter would make a great design/electronics team.
Hi all,

I'm in Hampton Victoria Australia. I've been flying for a few years. I recently moved into the area and was wondering if there are members that are building and flying foamies and mini-quads locally...? If so, I'm keen to meet up.

As for planes - I have a range of planes and quads - latest project is a foam-board Ultimate Bi-Plane - it's very close to complete - only push-rods and motor/esc to install.

Picture below:
Ultimate Build 1.JPG Ultimate Build 2.JPG

Lots of fun to be had.


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Welcome to the forum. Thank you all for sharing things about yourselves. I like getting to know people, their background, age, and the photo was a nice touch.
Just joined. Been watching the Flitetest vids for a few weeks now. Currently half-way through the Corsair build. Planning to build the Fokker next and the Sea Duck for my daughter who grew up with Tail Spin!
I'm really looking to build an EDF F117! I see one someone made several years ago, but they modded an RCPower model and I just don't have the knowledge or skills for that. I am hoping that Flite Test will consider designing an EDF F117 in the future!


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Hi , my name is Joseph St. Germain(CrazyRcJoe) I am 12 years old and I live in Bedford Michigan. I am new to the hobby. I have flown multrotors before but not airplanes yet. I'm a in fact working on earning my full scale pilot's license. I've got 2 hours in my logbook so that's a start. I try to be as active on the forums as I can. I'm CrazyRcJoseph on RcGroups by the way. Some of my favorite RC YouTube sources are Flite Test, RcExplorer, Experimental Airlines, and other stuff. I'm also an author on the website. I enjoy robotics, aviation, band, and other stuff.
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Hello, flight world!

Hi, all, this is my introduction to the FT forums. I'm just getting started in the hobby and am looking forward to partaking of the vast experience here.

I follow the FT YouTube channel with great interest. I love a good community, and this looks like one of those.
My name is Tyler and I just recently picked up a sport cub S with one flight under my belt! I work in cargo aviation here in alska so I can plenty of time on 737 jets. Really excited to do more flying wants it warms up to something above 30 degress 😬
Hey my name is Steve. I did control line flying as a kid. To get an idea of how long ago that was, The Beatles were still together!

Other hobbies and loves came along. SCUBA being the big time and money hole. Now approaching retirement I wanted to get back into flying. Especially RC since that always interested me. So far I've done some multirotor and just ordered an Indutrix from FT.

Trying to decide on a plane and radio to get started in fixed wing.


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I am Tom from the south west of the UK, I have been flying with my son for about a month, we got a Sport Cub S which has already been apart a few times! I have built things in foam board for years, didn’t realise it was a material you could make aircraft with, so we now have a few part assembled kits in the house.
I managed to scrounge up the electronics and TX to get them flying for under $150 and am just waiting on a few parts to get my tiny trainer finished.
I work with young people so I thought it would be fun to try making a few chuck gliders with them, I cut out 6 LongEZ kits on my day off and we built the first 2 last night in a local youth club, with two more part done. I suspect all 6 will be required.
I have a long history in ground RC going right back to early Tamiya kits and I make and mod everything from cars to Nerf and most things in between. FliteTest looked like a fun thing to do on cold rainy nights (2/3rds of UK weather!) where I didn’t fancy soldering or plastic scratch building and I can fly with my family.
I like the way FT champions new fliers, it’s bloody difficult to learn (my son calls me Deadmeat already) and I always thought it was too expensive or time consuming until I saw your stuff.
I see kids all the time whose only interest is sitting on a game console consuming whatever the latest hot ticket game is, dropping money into it like a slot machine.
If more of them could access real world skills and pastimes like flying or building stuff they would be happier and better equipped for life. Anything that helps reduce the bar to entry is great.
So far my only gripe is that Europe gets wrecked on the price of power packs vs the USA, the EU distributor has premium quality components but the cost is too much IMO for an entry level product. The cost of a tiny trainer and power pack without the TX/RX or lipo and charger was a lot more than even a mid range RTF package. The components are of course available separately from the web but for new people that’s harder.
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