Saying Hello and Christmas stocking Old Fogey


Hello, Im Jeff and Im kinda new to the hobby. I built a glow plane about 13 years ago but never learned to fly as my instructor moved away and Its just been sitting since. Met some guys that are into the hobby so I broke out my planes(was given a cub along the way somewhere) I got them all flight worthy and had to repair some hanger rash. I was excited but I still didnt know how to fly and meeting up with friends to be taught was difficult. Well Some where I stumbled on a youtube video from Flitetest. I think it was the beginner indoor plane one. Well that was about 2 months ago. SInce then I have scratch built 2 tiny trainers, 2 nutballs, FT flyer, Storch, and the latest plane for a stocking decorating contest at work. Ive only flown the trainers and the nutballs so far. Money is tight and Ive only bought one of the cheap ebay 2212 1000kv motor and esc and 10 9g servos. All off ebay. I have crashed so many times but I am getting better and can say I have successfully taken off and landed now for a completely successful flight. I love how cheap and carefree building and flying these are. I have little to no pucker factor and has taken the fear out of learning to fly because its just foam and I can make a new one in an evening. Ill leave you with some pictures of my planes. Let me know what you think of the stocking one. I copied the fuselage shape from the fogey but I drew it by hand as it needed to be smaller and I didnt have a printer handy. No clue if the wing will work but it was a fun build.

Glad to join the addiction



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Welcome to the forums, you have some great looking planes. Congratulations on successfully flying


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Welcome Jeff,

Nice looking fleet you have there, love the Christmas motif.

Keep flying and crashing, the latter will get less and less.


Thanks everyone. I printed off the cub, explorer(tired of breaking props), and the tri-plane plans off tonight. I need to get some lighter smaller motors for use on a few smaller of the planes. My church flies inside 2 times a month. And my current motor is pretty heavy.

I really want to fly a wing and ultimately I want to build the sea duck but I need a different transmitter first. I'm using a 72mhz FM 4 channel futaba currently. Limits what I can do with elections and flapperons and thrust vectoring. I'll get there someday


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Dude! You've got planes and you are flying them. Awesooome! 4 channel trans? Cool. I'm not even flying with three channels yet. You've got it going on. That last pick though? What the heck? One rubber band and some zip ties? I'm thinking that setup might have contributed to the breakage of the fuselage. :unsure: Unexpected Rapid Deconstruction Event. I expect to experience a lot of them. Welcome to our family. :)


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exactly - I've been building several planes and I still can't fly yet! My problem has been mode 1 TX (I think) - it's been a struggle to get my left hand doing the steering! So while I am rebuilding my trainer I swapped the configuration of my very old TX to Mode 2 by plugging in the servos based on a mode 2 setup and swapped the spring inside the TX to the other stick - we will see if that works! Also ordered a simple FS i6s Tx for a Christmas present to see if that will help!


To be fair, Im only flying 3 channel. I wreck a lot. Been stuck in a few trees. One took a 30 foot pole held over my head to knock it down. Destroyed and replaced around 5 power pods on the tiny trainer. Ripped the "wing" off a nutball broke a plane in half. ripped the bec wires out of my esc. and many many more things