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SC DVR Portable Recorder for FPV


Fly yes... land no.
Picked this one up from DX.com

SC-DVR 1-CH 5-Mode Recording Mini DVR w/ Remote Controller (PAL / NTSC)

For under $40 USD I now can record the feed from my FPV goggles.

The nice thing about the SC model is it using a SD card and will accept 5V power.

I happen to have a ESC that was not working well anymore to drive a motor.
But the BEC works just fine.


I modified a USB cable by adding a servo connector.


I can now use anything to power the system.
LIPO or my old NICADs


Looking forward to testing this out.


Field kit mode. I found a water bottle holder with a belt strap.




Fly yes... land no.
A full recording.

- Drop outs were due to flying over top.
- Also suspect my son was moving around and may have distributed the power or video cable.

I was flying LOS and my son was in command of the camera.


Senior Member
Looks like a good time. Andre you are progressing fast with all the aspects of the hobby. I wish I had as much time and money and skill to go as far as you have in such little time. Forge on!


Fly yes... land no.
Thanks. I prefer to think I've just been lucky.

That said right now I'm looking at 3 birds down at the moment.

So the Bixler will see a lot of miles this weekend till I can get a few back up and running.

I have to say I'm pleased with the DVR unit. Seemed to work well today.
That said I won't load the Bix up like I did today. I did not enjoy flying it in the wind.
The extra battery, rx and wing cam really affected the plane. :)


Fly yes... land no.
Update this unit it working great.

I do find when I'm editing I have to check for frame match but I can't be sure which video is slipping.
I'll do more testing over time but happy with the results and the fact it lets me capture the broadcast.