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score and fold easy to build f-15


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Fantastic looking plane. I made your F16 3d as my first scratch build. I have been looking for an F15 to follow and I believe I just found it. Thanks for all the effort and help you give people like me. Without such I would never have started scratch builds.
If you ever find yourself travelling in West Australia I'd love to shout you a pint or two.
Thanks again.
Not completely, no. Cg mark is on the plans, so if you lay your components out before fixing them into place you should not have a problem. If you have built a few parkjets before you should be good.
We do have a plan view that shows approximate locations of battery and servos along with cg. We consider these to be advanced builds for advanced pilots, so we chose to keep the plans free download (please donate) and leave the build guide out. But as Jay says, there are general build guides for other planes on the site.
Built my new F15 last weekend, I love it flys really smooth. I forgot to put any carbon in the elevons and they fluttered and broke mid flight! Luckily I programmed in a 4x4 mix and saved it.

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I love the designs guys. really scale looking. any chance of a build video of one of the planes? from what i can see they are all pretty similar in construction technique, the build photos of the su-37 are great, but i think a video would definately help people who are newer builders. i know how much effort goes into making a build video, so i understand if you guys dont want to go that extra mile. keep up the good work guys :)

how would these builds go if you used dollartree foamboard rather than depron?
Thanks eagle4, I have taken step by step build photos of this f15 like the su37 pictures. I really don'thave the time to make a build video aat present. Foam board should work, I've not used it before but I'm guessing it will be ok.