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Scratch Build Crash


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I crashed my poor airplane.

She had been flying for ten years, and she finally might have met her maker. The builder (not me) said she is fixable, but it might take a few weeks as she needs a pretty extensive nose job.

After completing a rolling circle, i pulled her into a loop. Once i was about to exit the loop, It is believed that the elevator hing broke off, doubled with both aileron servos quit working, and she found the ground very very quickly (13 pound planes dont float haha.)

She served well for 10 years, i have been flying her since i was about 9 years old, with only minor incidents. I have had elevator failure before, but i managed to fly her to the field and minimal damaged was incurred. But never aileron and elevator, i think something in the electrical system failed the ailerons, and just so happened at the same time as the elevator control horn coming apart.

Here are some pics:

the builder is in this picture....he is 83! Amazing!


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Ahhhh too bad man. That really sucks. Have you got any pictures of the plane when it was still in one piece? Looks like a nice design, especially seeing as though it lasted 10 years!

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