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Scratch build help


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I am trying to figure out the best way to go about making scratch builds similar to the way the gang at Test Flight do it. Currently i am attempting this in blender, however i realize there is no way to "un-fold" my project and receive dimensions for printing what is/are the best ways that you have found for going about this issue? Is there any software that might help with this?


Harrier Jet plans in the works


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Thanks, hopfully I can pick up some DTFB and finnesh the plans by this week would love to get this out for people. I had a great idea that would allow thrust vectoring for vertical take off and then horizontal flight.

I started with reference pictures and went from actual shape and size.
I second that. Sketchup can make incredibly detailed and precise drawings. I use it to make STL files for my 3D printer. I don't often make flat stuff but if you use the move tool you can copy a surface (press the control key to clone a surface with the move tool) and lay it down. then you could export the parts as Jpegs and print them on paper to trace onto foam. So you could pick the surfaces off your model to unfold it. There is an SVG plugin (to make flat stuff for like laser cutting) by Flights of ideas but it's poorly supported and pretty much an orphan.


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Click Image to view.

my progress so far. hopefully you guys like it its coming along very nicely after i print off the fist test ill make adjustments to the building of the plane. my plan is to be 90cm long so this might be very well sized.