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Scratch build plans

Hi I'm new to rc and downloaded the storch pdf but
When I ordered them from a print company they came back as A1 size instead of correct sizing I ordered the full plans have I done something wrong help please


I'm a care bear...Really?
Then you might have sent them the tiled version of the plans. If not I wouldn't pay for the tiled version and get the full size printed.


New member
Welcome to the hobby, good on ya for jumping straight in to building!

My advice would be to find a local place that specifically prints plans, not just posters/miscellaneous. For me here in South Australia, plans cost about 1/4 of what standard poster prints cost, and you're within your rights to reject them if the scale isn't right. I politely ask the staff to check this for me, but also double check myself before paying.

As much as getting them professionally printed is more convenient, it's really easy to make up the tiled plans! Just print a test page of the sheet with the scale on it and check it before printing the full set. From there, with a ruler and some patience, you can get a really good result.

Good luck with your build, I hope your first few months in the hobby are fulfilling and educational