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Scratch building.....

so many people are getting into this and buying alot of HK parts, I think it would be great to do a show or two on this topic.... the reviews are ok, but there getting a bit repetative (sp). yeah the planes yall are showing are nice but it seems like this show is becoming a comercial....Just miss the old shows i guess.....:(


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You are absolutely right about scratch building.
You made me curious how many parts a have bought from HK - sorted my spreadsheet and only counted the HXT500 and HXT900 and got the sum of 191 small servos. Most of my planes are small < 6' span so i can use HXT 900 for most things like rud ail flap a.s.o..
So far i will get the balsa and covering locally but there are plenty of escs and brushless motors from the smallest up to about 800W. I have only ordered 2 ARF from HK as the freight cost and other exenses often makes it about the same to order within EU. I am starting to build two oldtimer planed this x-mas. Falcon 56 is one - known all over the world ? The other one is called RC Viking and won the (world) championship of 1 ch RC 1958.

Lots of things you cant buy at HK :
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I´d say because as a commercial you associate proffessional videography with it and that is what Flite test is delivering us. Great entertaining, elevating and educating videos in high 1080p quality :D

I still think the show is not completely a commercial. It might seem to be and has some characteristic trades of a commercial but the fact is that FT also gives details for PROS and CONS (!!!) which already shows that it is a reliable source of information about a product.