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Scratch Built 58in TBM Avenger

More Work Ahead! Possible plans?

Hey guys!,
I haven't been back to this post really since the beginning of school back in September so sorry about that. I just haven't had time to work on the bird at all with trying to fit in sports, school, and actual flying. School will be rapping up in a few weeks though, so I pulled out the plane to start making modifications to it and work on adding them to the existing plans. I have a few questions though if anyone can answer them it would be great!

My biggest one regards the plans. Currently the plans are drawn up smaller than actual size and were completed with Microsoft paint so they are saved as a .JPG, I have recently been messing around with a laser etcher that my school got (and I figured out how to cut foam board:D) and have found the usefulness of Flite Test's PDF's that seem to be in some form of .svg or something. I was wondering if anyone knew how to convert what I currently have to something like flite test's or could point me in the right direction?

Alright, final question for this post. Any ideas on how to strengthen the mounting of rigid landing gear wire in the wing for this plane? The landing gear reach about ~7.5 in down from the wing to make the plane sit right and have proper ground clearance. Because it sits so high the wire is pretty stiff and I have had the main gear rip out of the fuse 2 times in probably 8 flights, this is my main concern with the design right now.

Thanks ahead of time for anyone who responds. The current "plans" are included in this post but are not up to date and I will have to do some cleaning up of them so all the correct pieces are included. *I DO NOT recommend trying to build a plane out of these!! They are missing some parts and are currently hard to figure out how to put together! Sorry, and thanks for sticking around.

tbfskin.jpg cowlplans2.png tbf planpart 1 tail parts.jpg tbf planpart wing.jpg


Junior Mastermind
Sounds a lot like my situation! I use my school's laser and I've got a lot going on hindering me until June too.

For my plans, I do actually use Photoshop to draw out the outlines, and I save them as jpegs. Afterwards, I trace the plans in AutoCAD, which my laser uses to cut out my parts. Takes some time and effort but it comes out very accurate. Just put the image in as an overlay, then scale them appropriately and trace over them. Fairly simple.

If you try this and have any questions I'll gladly help ;)

Hey guys another quick update.
The Avenger is got better landing gear now i hope, but I still have to test fly it. I also have converted all the plans I currently have for the plane to .svg format. I need to do a few test flights on the plane still and figure out some better stall performance and that is the last issue I want to fix on the plane. Sadly here in Wisconsin its been 0 degrees and 10-20mph winds for the past few weeks so I haven't been able to fly and now I'm into FIRST robotics season so I probably wont be doing much work. After I complete the final test flights, I want to take apart the prototype and get the patterns for all the outer sheeting put in the plans, then they should be ready for release. Also a big Avenger has been on my mind to build and take to Flite Fest but we will see:D.
That's all for now...