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Scratch Built Balsa F-104


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More progress, with the all-moving horizontal stabilizer now installed, but also some issues. The pull-pull system for the ailerons, which worked fine prior to being covered, decided to start jamming under load, so I've decided to replace it with a rigidly linked bell-crank system which should be more reliable while still fitting into the very thin wingtips. One of the cheap retract units for the main gear also decided to die on me. Originally, I thought one of the lines to the ailerons might have cut the retract's wire, but on inspection, it was a totally unrelated issue. Fortunately, after needing to completely dismantle V2 due to the EDF unit failing, I put more thought into access to all the electronic components for V3, so it's only a few hours of work, and more an annoyance than a serious issue, but it does mean I definitely won't get to maiden this weekend and probably pushes the timeline back to the end of the month since I expect to be pretty busy with other things for a bit.